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Where to Visit this Valentine's Day in the UK

Valentine’s Day is almost here! With this holiday coming around every year, you might have run out of ideas on how to spend it. Spending the day solely with your significant other couldn’t be more romantic. Having said that, here are some of our suggestions on how to make this day extra special.  

Image Source: Gleanagles Luxury Spa

A spa day is something you can enjoy no matter where in the UK you decide to venture. You could even have an at home spa day with the Cohorted X Monuskin Home Spa Beauty Edit.  Spas up and down the country if you would prefer to remain local or travel further afield for other activities as well. Gleneagles in Scotland also offers a golf course and highly rated food as well as the spa. Ye Olde Bell in Nottingham offers 10 different spa experiences from a theatrical stone bath to a snowstorm shower and salt inhalation room.  

A Meal at a Michelin Star Restaurant

When people hear Michelin Star, they might think that spending a day there would break the bank, however there are some affordable options from Michelin-starred pubs to sushi specialists. There are so many different cuisines to try! 

Ice Skating

Ice skating isn’t just for the Christmas holidays! With rinks open all year round in many cities, why not fall head over heels with your partner on the ice rink – as long as you don’t fall on the ice first. Planet Ice has locations in Leeds, Blackburn, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Coventry and more with other companies having ice rinks in cities such as Sheffield.  

Image Source: Holiday Lettings

Lakeside stays are absolutely superb! I’ve personally stayed at one in Scotland and there’s something magical about waking up to a view of the hillside coated in the morning fog. This particular cabin in Northumberland starts at 184 per night, complete with beach/lakeside relaxation, private garden with a private hot tub, and is pet and child friendly. There are seven cabins to choose from as well as two deluxe cabins. You can enjoy Northumberland and the surrounding area from golf and horse riding, to town and city shopping or simply explore the surrounding wildlife.  


If you’ve never seen a musical live, now is the perfect time! With some of the musicals having popular movie adaptations like Mamma Mia, there’s something for everyone. In London’s West End, some fan-favourite shows available in February are Moulin Rouge, Wicked, Cabaret, Mama Mia, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen and many more.  

Image Source: Alton Towers

Gazing up towards the stars, how romantic. If you’re used to living in the city, you might only catch a glimpse or two of a star – was that a star or an aeroplane? Tailored star gazing opportunities ensure that, during the right weather conditions, stars fill the night sky without any city light pollution blocking out the glorious night sky. Virgin Experiences offers a stargazing package in Wales for 2. The event will be led by the Dark Sky Wales staff and have around 40 guests in total at Brecon Beacons Observatory. Alton Towers also offers a stargazing experience. 

Image Source: Escape Live

What could be a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than working together to solve puzzles? You could even make it a double date – or triple – inviting your friends and their partners to help you crack the case. Escape Room themes vary from Hogwarts and Sherlock Holmes to pirates and heists, depending on your city. They can also be done online through Escape Live! 

A Helicopter Ride

Or even a helicopter flying lesson? Virgin Experiences has both! You and your loved one could learn how to pilot a helicopter or enjoy a helicopter tour of your favourite city.  

Go On A Science Hike Together

For the more adventurous of us, there are a plethora of scenic hikes across the UK, all varying in difficulty. Snowdonia in Wales is known for its many different hiking trails such as Bochlwyd Horseshoe and Snowdon South Ridge. A moderate hike in Scotland is up Conic Hill above Loch Lomond. While this hike isn’t considered difficult, it can become quite dangerous when it’s raining. The Lake District is also full of hikes as well as other activities to pad out your day. 

Turkish Baths In Harrogate

The Turkish Baths, while mainly a spa, is an iconic statement in Harrogate. These baths have been fully restored to their Victorian glory. The baths offer both mixed sessions and ladies or gentleman only sessions ranging between £19 to £32 for a standard package. You can also add to your time by adding massages, nail treatments and more.  


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