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Tempting Travel Ideas for Post-Lockdown

Weve rounded up 5 tempting travel spots for life after lockdown to satisfy your wanderlust. 

Picture this: lockdown is over once and for all, its officially safe to travel the world again and youre itching for a change of scenery after many months of working from home in your pjs. Your passport is up to date, your sense of adventure is overflowing, but where on earth do you go first?! 

Ionian Dreams, Kefalonia

Temperature: it can climb as high as 32°C in the summer months. 

Travel time from the UK:  around 3.5 hours. 

Time difference: +2 

You can’t miss: watching sea turtles from the De Bosset bridge in Argostoli. 

With a lack of high-rise resorts due to earthquake safety regulations means this island oozes tranquility. You’ll find the kindest, most hospitable people and the most breathtaking, rugged landscapes, with all the café culture to quench your iced coffee needs. If you’re after tradition and serenity, visit the rustic hillside harbour village of Assos to the North and relax next to the turquoise seawater. Head down to the South coast where you’ll find plenty of bars and unspoilt beaches to pass the time. 

Bucket List City Break, Venice

Temperature: around 22°C either side of the summer months 

Travel time from the UK: less than 2 hours 

Time difference: +1 

You can’t miss: stunning views from the roof terrace of the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi department store. 

Who doesn’t love a city break? Where better to visit than one of the most authentic and picturesque cities in the world. Each corner you turn is truly a Pinterest image waiting to be pinned. If you visit Venice in September, you’ll catch a lovely, comfortable temperature without the onslaught of tourists, unlike the balmy and busy high season. Arriving in style isn’t just for Hollywood a-listers, too. Kick off your stay in the best way by opting for a speedboat transfer from the airport to drop you at your hotel door. Then, eat cicchetti, drink Aperol and be merry! 

Keeping It Local, Isle of Wight

Temperature: 20°C or more in the summer months 

Travel time from the UK: 20-40 minute ferry from ports on the south coast 

Time difference: the same! 

You can’t miss: the charm and regency of Osborne house. 

Hopping on a plane isn’t at the top of everyone’s agenda, and understandably so. The Isle of Wight is perfect to make you feel like you’ve gone away, even just from the short boat ride it takes to cross over. The island combines miles of sandy beaches, plenty of attractions, and of course freshly caught seafood to enjoy with a view after a day of exploring. Did you know it was Queen Victoria’s favourite holiday spot? Take a visit to Osborne house to bask in the Italian renaissance-style architecture and gardens. 

Total Relaxation, Mauritius

Temperature: averages high 20s to low 30s in our winter (their summer) 

Travel time from the UK: about 12 hours 

Time difference: +3 

You can’t miss: a boozy boat ride to feed wild birds and monkeys along the way 

Nothing says paradise quite like holidaying in the Indian Ocean, specifically Mauritius (without it costing an arm and a leg like the Maldives, by the way). The service is second-to-none and there is a plethora of resorts to choose from. When you’ve somehow had enough of soaking up the sun, the island boasts many water sports and energetic activities to make it a memorable stay. If you can part with your lounger for just a moment, don’t miss out on the sublime national parks and scuba diving opportunities at your fingertips. 

Adventure Calls, Tanzania

Temperature: rarely falls below 20°C throughout the year 

Travel time from the UK: 15 hours or more including a stopover 

Time difference: +2 

You can’t miss: a safari, of course! 

It might not be somewhere you’d have considered before but being stuck inside for so long has got many of us yearning for some real adventure, and to cross some daring destinations off our bucket lists. If you’re looking for a vacation location that truly, has it all, look no further than Tanzania. In just one trip to the country, you could hike the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro, rub shoulders (hopefully not literally) with lions and even dig your heels into the white shores of Zanzibar. If hiking isn’t your bag, try a hot air balloon experience over Serengeti – champagne reception, of course! 

Hopefully one (or more) of these destinations has inspired your post-lockdown travel itinerary, and itll soon be time to dust off the cases to get jet-setting once again. 


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