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Summer Day Trips In The UK

We all deserve to have fun this summer. There’s something about the sun coming back out that lifts our spirits. We want to help you make the most of it, whether you’ve got all summer off or just the weekend. No matter where you live in the UK, these summer day trips are accessible to you. Get ready to add them to your bucket list. 


Your favourite food and a couple of drinks in the sunshine, what’s not to love? Prepare a little cool bag and go to your favourite nearby spot, whether it’s the park, a river, the top of a hill, or even the city centre.  

Alcohol Tasting

Enjoy a little sample of the finer things in life with some alcohol tasting. Lots of local breweries, wineries, or distilleries offer tasting sessions alongside tours and food, and they’re everywhere! 


Hark back to your childhood by visiting a farm and interacting with the animals. This is a great way to let loose, and nowadays there are lots of experiences such as meet-and-greets and alpaca treks that add value and difference to your day. You can also support the farm shop and get some gorgeous food for when you get home. 

Boating Lake

From pedalos to canoes to punting, there are lots of lakes and rivers which offer rental services throughout the year (but summer is the best time to go). Have a laugh and enjoy some time off dry land. 

Strawberry Picking

One of my favourite summer activities! Strawberry picking presents a fun day out exploring the fields and taking cute photos to fill your feed. After you’ve picked and paid, take a seat nearby and snack on your fresh fruit. To step it up, why not bring along some bubbly, chocolate, or cream? 

Local Markets

Exploring local markets can reveal a treasure trove of amazing finds. Discover small brands, delectable fresh food, and one-off vintage gems. Whether your local market is tiny or huge, it’s a great place to have fun and continue supporting the local community. 

Rooftop Terrace

We all love a rooftop terrace, and the open air is the perfect place to enjoy the sun alongside some food and drink. Many places offer these, so you have a wide choice of locations to suit your vibe. 

Visit a Heritage Site

Add some culture to your summer by visiting a heritage site. Discover some of the history of your area, and make the most of the chance to take beautiful photos. Some places may even let you bring a picnic to enjoy in the sunshine.  


The classic summer day trip is to the beach, so head to whichever one is closest ASAP. If you’re too far to away from the seaside, try a beach on the edge of a reservoir or lake. You can relax and sunbathe, take a dip, and explore the local food (fish and chips is a must). 

Outdoor Theatre/Concerts

Many towns and cities put on outdoor summer shows in parks and public squares. Visit your local bandstand and relax, or head to your local city’s festival. Supporting local artists and having fun, it’s a win-win! 

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries are an excellent way to gain new inspiration and escape your everyday life. Make the most of the chance to explore different cultures, past and present. For those of you who love the outdoors, some may also be holding open air exhibits.  

So, what are you waiting for? Spend your summer days making memories and letting loose whenever you can. Remember to take lots of pictures – but most of all have fun!


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