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20 Aug

Some Perks Of Pressing Pause On Travel

In this current climate of staying in and not travelling to far from home, it’s hard not to get upset about any trips you had lined up. So many of us have had to put a pin in our plans or cancel them altogether. But the world will still be there waiting for us to explore. 
And there are some perks of pressing pause on travel, even if only momentarily; 

Explore closer to home 

No matter where we live, there will be places closer to home that you haven’t yet explored. Whether this is five minutes, five miles or five hours away. 

Your next trip abroad could be bigger and better 

You now have plenty of time to prepare for and make your next trip abroad bigger and better than before. You can take this extra time to save up and make it the holiday of a lifetime.

After all, many of us will need a holiday after everything that we’ve been through in 2020 so far. Use this time as an excuse to well and truly treat yourself. Whether you want to travel further afield or stay in more luxurious accommodation – do whatever you can to make it an extra special holiday.

There’s more time to research 

Having your plans be postponed also means that you have a great opportunity to do extra research for your trip. You can really get to know the place you’re going to, before you even get there. Or you could look into different ways of seeing the country, that you may not have considered before. 

Booking tours, whether this be with a guide or self-guided, will allow you to enjoy more of the sights and get even more out of your travels.

The more the merrier 

Perhaps with the trip you had lined up, your friends or family couldn’t come because of their budget or the time of year that you had planned it. But now you’ve got so much time to save up and plan your next trip, why not get more people involved?

So many people will be in desperate need of a holiday by then. Group travel has plenty of benefits, one of the main ones being splitting accommodation costs. Not to mention you’ve got so many people to spend time with and make memories.

Enjoy the ‘you time’ 

Since we’ve all been spending more time at home, why not use it as an excuse to enjoy some ‘me time’. What you do with this time will be completely different for each and every individual. Whether you’d like to take up a new hobby or binge-watch all those shows on Netflix that you’ve been meaning to, it’s totally up to you what you do.

Just remember, you’re hitting pause on travelling further afield, not stop. In however many months time, you will be on that much needed holiday. Plus, you’ll appreciate it all the more.

Where will you visit first, when it is possible? And will you be following any of these tips? 
Ellis Tuesday

Ellis Cochrane is a freelance writer and blogger, who you’ll find over at www.ellistuesday.com. Based in Scotland, she writes about beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. She loves to keep up to date with the latest beauty releases and has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands on reviews and collaborations.

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