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Model Madison Headrick Launches Care.e.on: The Must-Have Travel-Friendly Skincare Line Embracing Sustainability

Designed for globetrotters, the range offers on-the-go solutions with products like Hydroboost Highdrating Pads and In The Clouds Facial Mist. TSA-approved and sustainable, Care.e.on combines performance and convenience, reflecting Headrick’s passion for skincare and sustainability.
When her career involved traveling the world, Model Madison Headrick understood the need for skincare that was both travel-friendly and adaptable to different seasons and environments. This realization motivated the globetrotting model and philanthropist to create her own skincare line. Frustrated with the hassle of transferring her favorite skincare products into small containers or fitting liquids into plastic bags, Headrick took matters into her own hands and developed Care.e.on, pronounced as “carry on,” a skincare range designed to be suitable for carry-on luggage while maintaining a focus on quality.
As a self-professed skincare addict, Headrick consistently found her travel supplies lacking in performance and practicality. This prompted her to delve into researching the essential elements of excellent on-the-go skincare. She began by seeking the insights of individuals who traveled even more frequently than she did: cabin crew members. After gathering their opinions and testing various ideas and prototypes on her friends, Care.e.on was born. The brand launches with a pre-packed skincare kit that contains all the necessary products for traveling, simplifying the pre-trip packing process.

'Model Madison Headrick Launches Care.e.on: The Must-Have Travel-Friendly Skincare Line Embracing Sustainability.'

The kit comprises four products: Hydroboost Highdrating Pads, Flying Highdrating Mask, In The Clouds Facial Mist, and Cleared For Takeoff Hand Sanitizer. Each item is specifically developed for on-the-go use, whether during long-haul flights or trips to the gym. The Hydroboost Highdrating Pads, for instance, come pre-soaked with caffeine and cucumber to reduce puffiness and inflammation, along with apple fruit extract to enhance antioxidant properties
One of the instant favorites from Care.e.on is the In The Clouds Facial Mist, an anti-inflammatory facial spray infused with ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, providing a quick refresh for the skin. The pre-soaked pads have become a lifesaver, and the inclusion of a chic hand sanitizer is a practical addition in today’s world. Furthermore, the kit comes in a TSA-approved mesh travel bag, which adds to its appeal. The brand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability as well, using sugarcane and 50% post-consumer recycled materials in its packaging while minimizing the use of secondary packaging. Although initially inspired by the jet-set lifestyle, the brand also reflects Headrick’s dedication to sustainability.


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