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In-Flight Travel Essentials

Whether you’re taking a 2-hour journey to a city break on the continent or a long-haul trip across the world to white sandy beaches, comfort is paramount, especially when travelling by plane. When baggage restrictions are limiting, make sure to tick off this list of travel essentials while packing for your next vacationSo you can travel with ease and unwind as soon as you’re up in the clouds. 

Happy flying!

A reusable water bottle

Did you know many UK airport terminals have plenty of airside water fountains where you can freely fill up your water bottle for your plane journey? Its an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to stay hydrated on the move.

Noise cancelling headphones

A good quality pair of headphones will undoubtedly become your favourite travel companion and totally transform your noisy flight by silencing your surroundings. You can choose between an in-ear or over-ear design, and the more you invest the more you will benefit. Plus, they will come in handy time and time again. 

Trave size skincare (and a clear cosmetics bag to store it in)

As many 100mls of your favourite skincare items as you can legally fit into your clear plastic toiletry bag! The cool and dry atmosphere of an aircraft gives way to dull looking skin, especially when you’re set for an overnight flight. If you’re short of space, just make sure you pack vaseline (because it’s multipurpose), a sheet mask (so you can pamper with no mess) and a dewy, brightening serum to finish.


Whether you have the room for a laptop, tablet or smartphone, make sure to download your favourite podcasts or a series youve been meaning to binge before take-off, just in case in-flight entertainment isnt up to scratch (or is otherwise non-existent on shorter flights). If youre a hesitant flyer, it will make the hours pass by quickly and take your mind off your anxieties.

Portable charger

Unfortunately (most) planes don’t have plugs or sockets to charge your phone just yet, so portable chargers are an essential piece of carry-on kit if you want to avoid dead batteries. It’s also a good idea to have one to hand when travelling, just in case! 

A Kindle

There’s nothing quite like the physical feeling of a paperback, but Kindles are a fantastic travel essential when you need more room to pack bikinis rather than books. Plus, they save a lot of space and don’t take up so much of your weight allowance. Although, it is a rite of passage to grab a few magazines from the airport WHSmiths when you’re past security.

Decent-sized hand luggage

A classic, spacious tote or holdall with pockets or compartments is necessary so you arent fishing around for your passport or boarding pass. Depending on the airline, you can sometimes add your boarding pass to your smartphone wallet for the most seamless of journeys!

Silky eye mask

Even if you have no trouble sleeping with the lights on, an eye mask serves as a timeless and effortlessly glamorous travel accessory, and inadvertently tells other passengers that youre in do-not-disturb mode.

Comfy cardigan and socks

You may be on your way to a hot and balmy country, but planes are always chilly! Make sure to squeeze a pair of fluffy socks into your carry-on and an oversized cardigan (to double as a blanket) for the ultimate comfort when you settle down in your seat.


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