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12 Aug

Escaping the Crowds of Dubrovnik…

Jump on a catamaran from Dubrovnik to Mljet Island and you’ll soon find yourself in a paradise that isn’t yet well known amongst tourists. I takes around an hour but is well worth the trip. Think sparkling blue waters, forest lined golden sandy beaches and colourful, quaint seaside villages.

What to do on Mljet Island

Kayak your way around Mljet National Park. Pricing is really reasonable at around £12 per hour for two people and is by far the best way to explore the waters of the National Park. Finish off with a lager and chips from a restaurant nearby.

Hire a jeep from Mini Brum. Taxis on the island are eye-wateringly expensive and a complete bore in comparison to feeling the coastal breeze through your hair with the top down in a 90’s Suzuki 4×4.

Take a dip in the sea at Saplunara. I’ve been to the white beaches of Mexico, to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and to the pebbled shores of the Mediterranean. The beach at Saplunara beats them all hands down. It feels truly cut off from the masses, proof of which is still finding plenty of free sun beds well past lunch time. I swear it’s the closest I’ve ever found to paradise.

Explore Odysseus Cave. According to legend, Odysseus used the cave as shelter before he surrendered to the charms of the nymph Calypso. Now that’s something to write on your postcards. It’s tricky to locate and a fairly long hike so best kept only for those that are particularly hungry for adventure.

Eat like a local at Ante’s Place. If you’re after a taste of truly authentic Croatian cuisine look no further. Ante’s Place is family run and on most nights is packed full of hungry yachtsmen docked in the bay. I was blown away by their vegetable peka paired with a house white wine that I still crave to this day. Peka is a local dish of meat or vegetables cooked in a fire and under a domed lid, similar to a Moroccan tajine.

If all of the above has tempted you into staying for more than a day on Mljet Island, book into Boutique Pine Tree Apartments, located just above Ante’s Place and ran by the same family. You’ll have the entire pool to yourself on most days and Saplunara right on your doorstep. Plus the family dog to play fetch with in the sea.

Jessica Turnbull

I’m a lifestyle blogger of over nine years located on the North Norfolk coast, focusing on travel, ethical fashion, plant-based food, cruelty-free beauty and wellbeing. I spend most of my time walking my dogs at the beaches around Cromer, studying holistic healing and seeing off shots of tequila on the weekends.

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