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18 Jan

A Weekend in Paris

If there’s one place you need to visit in your lifetime, it’s Paris; Immerse yourself in a French experience you will never forget and take away little things you’ll keep with you forever. However, it can be daunting visiting the fashion capital of the world for the first time. There’s so much to explore, so to make things easier for you here’s a little guide with 3 things you must do:

Rue Saint-Honoré

Anywhere you walk in Paris your surrounded by beautiful buildings you won’t see anywhere else, however you have to walk down Rue Saint-Honoré.

This street is an incredible experience you won’t get in any other city. It begins with your Haute couture and ready to wear shops such as Prada and Dior and many beautiful buildings.

However as you get towards the end you stumble upon little urban, indie shops. It’s a lovely walk and a great way to see Paris fashion and walk from Haute couture to your little unestablished shops. There’s no better way to explore the fashion capital.

From Up Above

As breath taking as all the buildings are, a cliché thing you have to do is go up the Eiffel tower. We have all heard of this experience however seeing it at night gives you a whole different perspective of Paris, in the city of love it’s an unbelievable experience.

The view from the top of the breath-taking tower, with the view completely glistening is literally indescribable. The feeling it gives you of gratitude to even being seeing such an incredible sight is unforgettable!

Paris really is a city like no other and an unforgettable experience, it leaves you always wanting to go back. These three experiences are something you won’t get anywhere else and make your trip complete!

The Hidden Bar

UC-61 is an experience as well as a cocktail bar, there’s nothing that could ever compare to it. This hidden bar is just a slate wall that states UC-61 in graffiti with a barley outlined door built into the wall with a doorbell.

You can’t just open the door and walk into this bar, that’s right you have to ring the doorbell to be let in. This mysterious bar is the greatest drinking experience you will ever have, with the friendly staff, helpful would be an understatement, the bar staff here sit and explain the cocktails to you and even the story behind them.

The whole interior is exactly like a war bunker, from the rounded roof to the sandbags and murky lighting, every detail will catch your eye.

It’s easy to say the cocktails are great and something you’ll want to savour while sitting in this unique bar!

This is definitely a cocktail bar you don’t want to miss out on.

Georgia Rhodes

Georgia Rhodes is an editorial assistant, freelance writer and fashion student. (Yes, somehow she tackles all three!) She covers lifestyle, fashion, news and beauty. Writing for digital publications, she has landed internships at Marie Claire, Glamour and CR Fashion Book.

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