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A Weekend in Barcelona

If there’s one place you need to visit this summer it’s Barcelona. The perfect cross between an immersive city break and a sunny beach holiday. However, Barcelona is not your ordinary city. There’s so much to explore in such a huge city with landmarks and hidden gems spread across the city. So to make things easier for you here’s a little guide with 5 things you must do: 

Get ready to get your walking boots on, you will certainly get your daily steps in here. One thing to note before heading to Barcelona is just how spread out everything is in the city. From the beach to the ports or the Cathedral to the Park, this is one big city. However, no matter where you walk the views and the architecture is simply breath-taking, (but don’t forget some comfortable shoes). 

Cocktail Class

When looking for my own trip I stumbled on this incredible cocktail class hidden in a side street in the renowned Gothic Quarter. Not only do you get to create 4 cocktails yourself (the classics of course) you also get plenty of tapas throughout. It us a great way to meet people, but it’s also great value for money (this city does not measure its alcohol!) Looking for an evening of laughs? This is it and where better than the beautiful Gothic Quarter. 

Ice Bar

Ever thought you could be sat on a block of ice at -5 degrees while on the beach? Well Barcelona makes that possible. Down on the beachfront, you will find the Ice Bar which looks pretty normal at first glance until you notice the life-size freezer in the back and giant silver puffer coats. Where else will you get to enjoy a cocktail in a glass entirely made from ice?  

Port Vell

The port in Barcelona is simply beautiful, a must-see to experience and explore. The views are just one of a kind and create a great walk. You can even take a catamaran boat ride at sunset to cruise along the harbour with a drink in hand. The Mediterranean mini-cruise might just give your feet a rest from all the walking. A location you can’t miss in the heart of Barcelona. 

Park Guell

A true must-see when in Barcelona. This incredible park is a piece of art and history of the city full of Gaudi’s work. The colourful mosaic is what the park is most famous for from the Dragon Stairway to the world-famous salamander. Whether you’re an art connoisseur or not, this is one unforgettable walk. 

La Boqueria

Located in the very centre or Barcelona; Las Ramblas, this market is the most famous of Barcelona. Known worldwide, people stop to take photos on the streets at any given moment. The picturesque market is the true way to explore Barcelona, filled with all its fresh fruit, seafood and more. I highly recommend having dinner or lunch there to truly get a taste of fresh seafood in Spain. And it’s surrounded by tens of streets of shops from Chanel to Bottega Veneta, you can’t go wrong!



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