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The Post-Lockdown Fashion Consumer Change: From Buying to Renting.

Sustainable fashion rental companies have been growing in popularity over the past year. Here we share our pick of the best fashion rental sites and companies. 

As the sun begins to return and brighten up our lives, the urge to buy summer dresses and crop tops greatens. Cute midi skirts that will realistically be a one-wear-purchase after being encouraged by fast fashion brands. Thinking ethically when purchasing clothing is important to reduce the amount of waste created by fast fashion. 


Rental companies have been growing in popularity over the past year. Once we can get back to normal, they are set to continue to grow. Renting clothing gives each consumer the chance to wear an item that is one of a kind, not a mass-produced item that half their street owns. With around £140 million worth of clothing going into landfill each year, it’s important to shop responsibly. 


My Wardrobe HQ is the first rental marketplace in the UK. Founded by Sacha Newall and Tina Lake, the revolutionary platform is due to change shopping habitsThey offer the option of buying, lending or renting luxury fashion. The garments they display on their site are timelessItems that can be worn as a statement or to match a statement piece. Claiming to have a ‘sustainable heart’, MWHQ allow users to rent and ‘try before they buy’. Designers such as Stella McCartney and Gucci are featured on their site alongside many others. MWHQ allows customers to rent from 4 to 14 days, with free returns and dry cleaning. With next day delivery, there’s no reason why you can’t plan your 21st June outfit last minute.  

My favourite piece on MWHQ at the moment is the Acne Studios fringed dresswhich would be perfect for the first holiday of 2021. At the cost of £10 a day, you can’t really go wrong.  


Hurr is another renting company that works by customers lending their clothing and Hurr members shopping to rent. Their story includes wanting to democratise luxury and make fashion circular. They want to allow consumers to keep up with fashion that won’t damage the planet. Hurr encourage renters to get involved on Instagram by tagging @Hurr in their posts of those bold rented coats. Selfridges have recently collaborated with Hurr by doing a pop-up store that featured over 40 brands. Worries of over-washing garments have appeared over the past year, so Hurr dry clean their clothing with Oxwash, whose water consumption is 60% less than any other. 

A favourite from this site is the Baum Und Pferdgaten Doretta tiger print coat. An exaggerated collar, tie belt and tortoiseshell buttons is featured on the coat. This bold piece is something that needs to be loved but can be an adventurous purchase, so renting it is ideal. 


The benefits of renting clothing instead of buying is that you may be able to wear these designer items you may not have been able to purchase before. For example, My Wardrobe HQ have a rate from £4 a day for their rentals. You may also be introduced to different styles or designers you may never have tried before, due to the fear of purchasing clothing you might deem as risky and might never wear. For brands, it allows them to introduce new demographics of customers and make use of stock that may have previously been sent to landfill or sat in warehouses.   

Closet space is a huge issue for people today. Not everyone can have a walk-in wardrobe, and even if you do, a cluttered wardrobe is a no-go. It’s always a good idea to have a clear out once in a while, to donate or even lend to a renting company and gain a little extra income. Then you’ll have space to hang your rented pieces beautifully in a stress-free zone. 

With summer looking promising for travel and bars, renting outfits is great for holidays, skiing, social occasions and corporate events for those days back in the office. The only downside of renting is the fear of your iced coffee spilling down a dress and having to pay for it to be cleaned by the renting company. But that ruins anyone’s day, not just those who rent. 


The future of fashion retail has been predicted to change over the next few years. With designers producing less garments and the focus on sustainable materials in high-street as well as luxury will increase. As more consumers are educated on fashion ethics, the more reluctant they are to overconsume on the high-street.  

The most popular items to rent currently are luxury jewellery and bags. There has also been a rise in statement knitwear that are being scooped up to rent. Renting would be great for fashion influencers to show off their immaculately styled outfits instead of buying garments weekly.  

According to Drapers, the UK offers a market for renting clothes worth £923m, with room for growth once it grows in popularity. Once shops open for good, the prediction for renting shops to go offline is a possibility. Being able to go into a storefeel and try on the garments to renting and feeling no guilt from the purchase is ideal.  

Although it’s easier to purchase a one-time-wear item, it makes more sense to lend and rent items of clothing that will extend their wear-time and reduce the amount of waste from unwanted fashion pieces. Renting can flourish your style, you’ll be able to experiment more than ever, wear clothes you dream of. It’s time to experiment and have fun with fashion.  


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