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The Best Jewellery Brands

Jewellery acts as a brilliant companion to any outfit. Ranging from a statement earring to simple stacking rings, this can really bring your personality to the forefront of your wardrobe. Additionally, jewellery can hold special and sentimental value, through reminding us of unique moments, milestones, or loved onesFeatured below are a range of jewellery brands, which are great for all styles.  

I personally love Pandora due to their continued effort towards sentimental jewellery. My own Pandora bracelet is something I treasure, due to each charm having its own meaning. The charms are a range of prices and colours, meaning you can create a tailor-made bracelet or necklace, to either your personal memories or colourways. I also have other jewellery from their brand, and it is incredibly long-lasting, durable, and never tarnishes. 

Missoma does a range of very fashionable gold jewellery. I find this is slightly more expensive but extremely on trend. Chunky gold necklaces and beautiful rings which can be stacked and worn together, allow you to gain the ultimate cool-girl look. I have purchased a couple of rings from this brand and unfortunately one of them did tarnish. However, their customer service team were extremely helpful and sent a new ring out very quickly. Although there was a slight issue, I would purchase again, but only for special occasions.  

Astrid and Miyu

This brand is mostly known for their gorgeous earring selection. Although they have now branched out into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, I think their earring selection is their best range. Huggies, hoops, and barbells all make up their beautiful and delicate earring collection. With the ability to stack, it really gives and elegant, yet striking addition to any outfit. Furthermore, they have just released a Recycled Collection, which is made from consciously curated sterling silver, meaning you can now wear beautiful, sustainable jewellery.  

A more affordable option, which is also available on Asos, is Orelia. Their jewellery is dainty and very stackable, which works brilliantly together or alone. With an affordable range and a Luxe rangethere is opportunity for a range of customers to purchase from their brand. They also offer engravingmaking this brand the perfect place to buy a gorgeous gift for a friend or family member. Their blog gives brilliant styling tips and tricks, allowing the brand to have a further reach to their customers.

Hopefully, this offers you a range of brands which can be useful to all styling needs and price points. Jewellery can make or break an outfit, whilst also putting our own personal touches on looks, which can really bring them into their ownI hope you find some jewellery which makes your outfits become their very best!  


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