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Summer Homeware Picks

Now that Summer has come back it’s time to spruce up your home. This Summer’s trends include rattan, cottage core and bringing nature into your home. Homeware trends and products don’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need to fork out a fortune to update your home. 

summer homeware picks collage

Rattan and Jute

This has been a trend that’s flowed from Summer 2020 into this year and it’s no wonder why. Rattan and Jute are the perfect way to bring Summer into your home, it’s light, airy and gives that effortlessly chicness look to your home.  

Fill with your books, magazines, remote controls, it’s a great open storage option in your living room or bedroom which also looks stylish and in keeping with the trend.  

A gorgeous natural-looking mirror, this is bound to become the focus of your home. Place on top of your fireplace, in your hallway or above your bed, it’ll open your room up and make it look bigger and wider.  

This gorgeous rattan bed is bound to bring a natural feel to your bedroom, it will automatically feel as if you’re whisked away on holiday. 

Is the perfect signature piece in your room (can’t imagine comfort is key on a jute pouffe).


Bringing in nature doesn’t necessarily mean having to bring real-life plants into your home (however there will be some ideas below on that), it’s about bringing in the natural colours. Whilst including fabrics such as Jute and Rattan into your home does count, you can bring nature in simply using the colours from nature.  

If your vibe isn’t jute or rattan, but is a little bit more industrial and modern, using wood and metals is a great way of introducing natural products into your home without it looking too ‘jungle-esque’. 

Add in the yellow tones from the outside inside. You don’t have to introduce masses of colour, but by allowing some of the colours you see every day outside, you can easily introduce nature into your home. 

Patch Plants have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants that you can use to add energy to your home. If you’re not massively green-fingered, try a low maintenance plant like the Sharon Parlour Palm or the Suzie Snake Plant.   


If you’ve not heard about Cottagecore, heading to Tik Tok is probably your best bet to understand the new trend. It’s the internet homeware sensation where you bring a comforting and cosy feel to your home. Based on ‘cottage’ living, (think Iris’ Surrey Home in ‘The Holiday’ vibe). Florals, warm lighting, and farmhouse chic are what make cottagecore yours.  

Just because it’s Summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cottagecore cosiness. Fairy lights no matter what time of the year are a must, they will make your home the perfect place to unwind after the long Summer’s days. 

Not all floral bedsheets have to remind you of your grandma’s house, there are plenty of styles out there that can give you the cottagecore feel whilst still feeling somewhat modern in your home.   

Still struggling with Cottagecore, here’s the perfect book for you, embracing cosy countryside comfort in your everyday. The new Hygge. 


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