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She believed she could, so she did with she did collective

Welcome to the world of self-appreciation, gratitude and getting shit done.

BRAND COLLABORATION: Created in partnership with she did collective.

January, June or even July, it is never too late to start journaling, especially with the Mindset is Everything Planner.  As this planner comes undated, you can start levelling up at any time you desire. After all, goal setting isn’t just about the cliché ‘new year, new me mindset. Start today!  

She did collective is not only a luxury stationery and lifestyle brand, they are a community, a society and collective, designed to support like-minded women and provide them with the tools for both personal and professional success. Their mantra is that the right mindset can allow you to conquer it all. They exist to encourage, empower and motivate.

I’m not sure about you, but finding the perfect planner isn’t always easy. An excess number of lines, too little space, a lack of tick boxes and headings. The layout of the SDC planner is everything I could want and more, with allocated space for gratitude practice, daily goals, to-dlists, schedule, self-care, reminders, achievement tracking and even notes. A double page spread each day avoids cramming everything into one tiny box.  

The planner also allows you to stick to the key tasks and priorities for that day, instead of the week as a whole. Each day seems more and more doable, with the added satisfaction of ticking off every or almost every task. One of my favourite features, is the undated nature of the planner. Meaning if you fall off the productive train, you can always hop back on without having to skip days, weeks or months of pages – which is quite literally a waste of trees. 

This luxury faux leather-bound planner with gold detailing is practical yet aesthetic, making any desk look complete. The complementary gold Signature Pen is the perfect accompaniment to adorn its high-quality pages. It even comes elegantly placed inside a vegan–friendly pen sleeve. 

Founder and CEO, Amy Aylett, is no stranger to the pressures of work-life balance and managing anxiety. Through personal and careerbased challenges, Amy has always been an inspiring individual to her peers.  She strives to mentor, inspire, and motivate others to succeed both personally and professionally. Whilst managing a busy career and personal life, Amy discovered that by changing her mindset, writing down her thoughts and practicing gratitude her goals became more achievable.  

Amy was inspired to create a brand which focused on mindset and well-being, demonstrating the importance of mental clarity. Through combining her love for mentoring, enthusiasm for well-being, and her drive to motivate others: Amy created she did collective. 

She did collective is fabricated on positivity, mindfulness and goal setting. Which is something I truly believe can turn your life around.  Waking up in a bad mood will no doubt cause you to have a bad day, but approach the day with optimism, and everything changes. The ‘Mindset is Everything’ Planner ensures you begin each day positively. Getting your thoughts and aims for the day onto paper is one step closer to achieving the task in itself, the size being irrelevant. The brand motto, ‘she believed she could, so she did’ is an empowering and encouraging statement that we should all celebrate. A little more self-belief and success will return to you in many ways.

Organise your day, set goals and smash them with the ‘Mindset is Everything’ Planner. Shop the full collection here: All Products – she did collective 


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