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Interior Design for Beginners

Spring cleaning might have inspired you to switch up your home’s design. Maybe you’re wanting a new colour scheme or you’re tired of some mismatching furniture in your rarely used guest bedroom. But where do you start? 

Before you even start shopping around for new paint and furniture, it is important to keep in mind these basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to a successful interior design that will leave your friends & family asking you to do theirs next. 



Do use dramatic colour in a small space.  

Don’t push all the furniture against the wall 

Do make the most of your lighting.  

Don’t pick your paint colour first. 

Do use different textures. 

Don’t mix up your colours too much. 

Do pay attention to your hallway. 

Don’t let everything match.  

Do use accent pieces.  

Don’t just use only small art pieces or mirrors on a large wall. 

Now, a theme – you need a theme. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or a more rustic approach. Do you want your space to reflect an aspect of your personality or be more practical? Whatever you decide is up to you, but a theme can help tie any room together.  

It is important to measure your space before purchasing any new furniture but also to create a mood board. A mood board, physical or digital, can help you visualise your dream and can help you identify the right colours for your theme when shopping around. It can also help you visualise textures, patterns and colours and how they blend or don’t blend together. Creating a bubble/zonal plan within your moodboarding process can also help you to mentally divide up each room and take into consideration spatial awareness, allowing you to remove any filler items if the room becomes too crowded.  

Ask yourself which is most important to you within your set budget – is getting a new sofa that matches your new colour scheme more important to you than getting a new coffee table? It should be; your sofa and your bed are musts to splurge on. You might be able to still achieve your luxury design vision by using existing items within your house. Especially if you’ve got a lot of plain wooden furniture…a simple paint job can transform any boring bookcase!  

Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your house – it’s your go-to for entertainment and relaxation. You want your living room to be warm, inviting and most importantly unforgettable! That doesn’t necessarily mean using warm tones. Your living room should show an element of your personality or your hobbies, whether that be your favourite movies on display or in the artwork on your walls. For example, my living room has a 3 tier bookcase to make part of my collection accessible to guests –  I made sure to include a variety of book genres and lengths on these shelves in case certain ones piqued the interest of my guests. You could focus on making sure the entertainment space within the living room is ideal for both yourself and guests. Just remember to hide those pesky cables and to keep some foldable chairs handy for when your friends visit.  

A major pitfall in many living rooms is too many throw pillows! If your guest has to move all of the pillows just to sit down on the sofa, you’ve already lost.  

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom space is a very personal and private space, even if you share it with your partner. It is a place for you to rest and recharge after a long day at work. It should make you feel safe and comfortable. Blankets and lots of cushions on the bed helped create a comforting feel. A dimming light feature is ideal for a bedroom space as this provides the option of not having harsh light into the evening. Smart bulbs such as these can be controlled via Alexa or your mobile phone to control the brightness of your room.  

You might decide on an accent wall for your living room but when it comes to your bedroom, you might want to remain more neutral to create a relaxing atmosphere. Making your bedroom comfortable should be your number one priority when it comes to your bedroom. Introducing texture can help you achieve a comfortable and inviting bedroom. Fluffy pillows to sink into at the end of the day and a soft rug is a must if you’ve got wooden floors in your bedroom like mine! 

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should be functional and make the most of your storage space. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house so it is important to spend the most time getting this room right, even if it can be the most expensive and time consuming. While you need to keep in mind the style you would like to keep throughout your kitchen – modern marble or a cottagecore style – you need to take into account functionality. A spice rack can get rid of the unnecessary clutter on your counter tops.  

Your Bathroom

Your bathroom, if you are not replacing the bathtub and toilet, is an easier room to switch up as it typically has the least furniture options. The main thing to consider when looking at your bathroom is to choose storage units that are both stylish and that will keep the extra toilet roll and cleaning products hidden from view. Adding a simple under the sink vanity cupboard (either permanent or removable) can add storage to a space you wouldn’t typically utilise.  

If you need to hire an interior designer or other professionals and experts, like general contractors or electricians, do your research before consulting with them. 

Or you could hire a team and eagerly wait for the surprise grand reveal… 


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