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How To Style A Turtleneck All Year Round

The turtleneck is an essential, staple piece within a wardrobe. Basics such as turtlenecks encourage versatility amongst outfits and can be pieced together to create a wide range of looks. They come in a plethora of designs, materials and colours. However, the overall basic principle and style allow for them to be worn on numerous occasions, all year round. 

Colours and Hairstyles

Due to the high neck design, turtlenecks usually frame the face. It is important to find your unique colour palette when selecting clothing. Look for colours that will match and complement your features, including skin tonehair and eye colour. 

Another tip for styling a turtleneck is to tie your hair back. This can stop the feeling of being overcrowded by a combination of a turtleneck covering the neck as well as hair surrounding the face. Alongside this, tying back your hair allows for the shape and style of the turtleneck to become more prominent within a look and will pull an outfit together. 

Styling an Outfit with a Turtleneck

There are many outfit combinations which work well with a turtleneck. If you’re wanting a classic, sleek and stylish look, layering a turtleneck underneath a blazer is your go-to. This look has so much potential and can be styled in a variety of ways. 

Change up your look with different sized blazers. For example, a tight-fitting tailored blazer worn over the top of a thinner turtleneck top will create a crisp silhouette that complements the natural body shape. Alternatively, a loose-fittingoversized blazer worn under a chunky knit turtleneck can create a looser, more straight-looking shape. Most blazers in this style feature shoulder pads. These can accentuate the shape of the blazer creating a stylish, effortless look. Piece this outfit together with a pair of boots or trainers (depending on the season) and some layered necklaces, and you’re good to go all year round. 

Explore Patterns

Another styling tip for wearing basic turtleneck tops is to elevate your look by exploring different patterns. To add something extra to a plain look try matching up a simple turtleneck with a pair of patterned trousers. Adding patterns and prints can instantly create an eye-catching outfit and can lift plain garments. 

Patterned pieces aren’t as versatile as neutral tones found on turtlenecks, so by adding them together it strikes the perfect balance between a simple but interesting outfit. Similarly, this style can be achieved by combining a turtleneck with a patterned jacket. In summer this could be a thin embellished bomber jacket – or in colder seasons, match a turtleneck with a check trench coat to be sure to look trendy. 

Styling Statement Turtlenecks

Finally, turtlenecks don’t always have to be basic. Although they can be extremely versatile and neutral, there’s also room for them to become the staple piece. Try looking for a print turtleneck top and layer it underneath a basic jumper or sweater to create a bright, colourful look.  

Turtlenecks with writing or logos on the neck can also be paired up under a plain jumper or oversized t-shirt to create a cool and edgy look. To experiment with different figures try adding a chunky belt to your oversized t-shirt or jumper to create different shapes and accessorise your fit. 


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