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10 May

How To Clear Out Your Wardrobe

We’ve all found ourselves with extra time on our hands in the current climate, so why not put it to good use? It’s time to tackle the to-do list, throw out those pieces that are wasting away in your wardrobe and give your closet a well-needed clear out.  

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone – we’re here with some simple steps to make it easy peasy; yes, even though it’s taken us 12 months to get here too…  

Save Those Staples 

First things first – pull out your ‘staples’ and add them to your safe pile. These are the items you wear all the time, your favourite jeans and a nice top combo and that ‘go-to’ glam dress on a weekend. Try to avoid pulling out those one-night wonders, we’ll get to them – but for now, these are the pieces that you pull on 24/7. This should allow you to create your personal capsule wardrobe, or more likely, show that you don’t really have one! But that’s OK, as now we can fill in the gaps.  

The Nasty No Numbers 

Create two piles (or three if you have a little sister who will want some of these goodies) and separate into the things that are only good for the bin, and the things you can sell / donate.  

My bin pile had items in that I struggled to part with, like that silk shirt I loved but accidentally washed wrong so could never wear again and a vintage coat that I absolutely wore into the ground, so much so you could spot the bobbles a mile away – it’s time to be honest and realise these aren’t good for anyone.  

My second pile looked a lot healthier – trousers that never quite fit me right that still had the label on and cute tops that weirdly just weren’t cute on me; I popped a few items on Depop hoping for the best and put together three, yes THREE, bin bags full of clothes to donate.  

The Others 

Now, we’re in dark territory here – these are all those items that you kind of like, kind of don’t. There are things in this category that you’ve never worn – dresses that still have the tags on and clothes that you put on, consider, and then take off in a matter of minutes.  

Every time you pull out these pieces you tell yourself they’ll be useful for another time, but here’s the brutal truth – that time ain’t coming. I’d advise separating these three ways – the strongest, the maybes and the probably nevers. Then think about which ‘staples’ the strong items can go with – how is it looking? I can spot that capsule collection from here girl, well done.  

The maybes can go in a separate (safe-for-now) place, like your winter wardrobe, a box under the bed or an old suitcase. And the nevers… I’m afraid it’s time to part ways and say goodbye.     

Perfect Pairings 

Now you’ve started working your strong ‘other’ items into your ‘staples’ pile, you’re probably doing quite a good job – but you must be strict. Don’t keep something because you might wear it with your favourite jumper, think – do you have shoes to match? How will you style it? You have to make each piece an all-round winner, or show it the door.  

This is a really nice way to rejuvenate the things you wear everyday – and FINALLY give life to those weird wonders in your wardrobe, that have never seen the light of day. As you start to create new looks, you’ll get a sense of excitement from giving your personal style an update and most importantly, one you’re comfortable with.  

Seal the Deal 

It’s time to filter all these beautiful new looks back into your wardrobe. Instead of just chucking them in thinking ‘phew, thank god that’s over’, try to sort them by outfit, or colour if that works better for you. This final step will feel so good, leaving your wardrobe looking fresh and your newly matched outfits good to go.  

Tips and tricks… 

  • Always try to donate or sell items where you can – some pieces may seem old and unwearable to you but could add tons of value to someone else’s wardrobe.  
  • If you think an item could come back around again – like jumpsuits and flared trousers did and mums around the world went WILD about how nice their old, now binned, pieces were – keep hold of it; keep it in a safe place and reassess in a year or so. A few pieces won’t do any harm, hun.  
  • Don’t bin your designer items, even if you think your wardrobe has no space for them or they’re just not your style anymore. These pieces are so special to share with family members in later years and will be more valuable to them than you could ever know.  
  • Timing is everything with this – as it really takes forever. It’s one of those jobs we all start but never, ever finish. Put aside a solid three or four hours, have your iPad to hand with some trash TV and just get stuck in, I can honestly say it will be so worth it.  
Jess MacDonald
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