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Housewarming Gift Guide

Moving into a new home it’s always exciting, although it can be stressful. Therefore, when friends and family pass this major milestone, deciding how to commemorate it sometimes presents a bit of a challenge.

You don’t want to assume their style or taste, or buy them something that will not be used and instead clutter up their new space. Picking a unique yet practical gift is an excellent approach, showing you truly know them and giving them something to treasure. This guide details some wonderful gift ideas to celebrate a new stage in their life.

Customised House Number

People often start by envisioning the inside of their home, but this gift puts a personal stamp on the outside, too. You could add their surname, the house name, or leave it just as the number. Greeting them every time they come and go, the house will feel like their own from before they step through the door.

Board Games

The nostalgia trend is truly taking off, and board games are a great way to reminisce and have some screenless social time. Many traditional games have had a revamp, and there are lot of new games out there to try (I recommend Code Names, The Chameleon, and Exploding Kittens). It’s also perfect if the Wi-Fi hasn’t been set up yet!

Fancy Glasses

When your loved ones are toasting their new house, make it extra special with a set of new glasses. If you’re on a smaller budget, personalise them by simply choosing a glass for their favourite tipple: gin, whisky, or even martini. Larger budgets can look into custom engravings or buying an expensive bottle to match. 

Traditional Bread, Salt, and Wine

Bread so the house never goes hungry, salt so their life always has flavour, and wine so that joy and prosperity reign forever! Got a friend who is very picky about their décor? Steer clear of the minefield and buy them a little hamper including their favourite bread and wine. It also makes for a great snack while they’re decorating. 


A classic gift, buying a small house plant is a great idea for many reasons. Firstly, it can be placed almost anywhere, which is great if you don’t know what interior style they’re going for. Secondly, they can watch the plant grow as their new life does, representing your support for them on their new journey.

Coffee Table Books

Whether they’re avid readers or just want to look smart, everyone loves a coffee table book. The best ones should be easy to pick up and put down, have a great cover, and be tailored to your friends’ taste (I love The New Luxury by High Snobiety). They’re also ideal for entertaining guests while the new host is preparing drinks. 

Charcuterie Board

These beautiful boards can be used as part of the décor or brought out to serve food on, whether they have guests or if its just them. Personalised touches such as engravings, materials, colourways, or shapes will go a long way. Many of them could double as cheese, bread, or chopping boards, and are the perfect practical but stylish gift. 

Smart Speaker

Hands up who can’t live without their smart speaker nowadays? No matter the brand, these little devices are a lifesaver. From playing their favourite tunes while they’re decorating, to setting alarms, to predicting the weather, these are an essential. If there are a couple of you buying presents, why not get them a couple of smart speakers from the same brand so they can sync throughout the house? 

A housewarming gift should be so much more than a gesture, and any of these items will help to make a new house a home. No matter the style, space, or budget you’re after, a thoughtful gift that considers the people in the home will always be a success. 


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