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Tips To Fall Back In Love With Our Homes This Spring

There’s something utterly rejuvenating about spring. Whether it’s the prospect of warmer days and longer nights, or the roadmap out of lockdown, we are all counting down the days to freedom. 

After what feels like an eternity sat staring at the same four walls, we are all ready to board up our houses, throw away the keys and spend every minute of our post-lockdown life sipping on cocktails with our best friends!  

But, behind the rosé tinted glasses is the inevitability of still spending a lot of our time at home. With the dining room being the new office and restaurants having never ending waitlists, the sofa may still be the best 5-star restaurant in town. So, here is how we are bringing spring inside and falling back in love with our homes this year. 

Outside, spring is a time of rebirth and colour. While we have all fallen in love with the neutral and scandi colour palette, 2021 is a time to fall back in love with colours. But don’t fret, if your landlord wont let you channel your inner Frida Khahlo and paint your house cobalt blue, or if neon colours and clashing patterns aren’t your style, then try and swap in some pastel accents here and there. Why not start with changing out your cushion covers and bed linens for some playful pastel linens like these Lazy Linens from Loaf.

Tip no. 2: Channel all your senses.

Now, if you’re someone who decks their house with smells of gingerbread and pumpkin spice in the autumn months, then you know the importance of setting the mood with a smell. Why should spring be any different? Add touches of spring into your home and reach for candles with citrus fruits, freshly cut grass, fresh linens and floral scents. Accentuate your fragrances by opening your windows and letting the fresh smells of spring fill your halls and carry the burning candles through your home.

One of the easiest ways to update any room is to add a bouquet of fresh flowers. Springtime is all about the new blooms, from daffodils and tulips to sunflowers and wildflowers. Take advantage of all the new flowers popping up in your local grocery store, petrol stations and farmers market and get blooming floral! Why not keep your florals forever by adding some dried flowers of fluffy pampas grass to your collection? These letter box flowers are perfect from bloom post. 


Tip no. 4: Spring clean

‘Tis the season to spring clean! But, put down the disinfectant and feather duster because your yellow marigolds are cramping our spring style. Instead, add touches of organisation with woven baskets, the perfect chic storage solution for dog toys and winter throws.

Update your tableware and reinvent your dining experience. From your morning coffee to your Waldorf salads, you deserve to dine in style. For the workaholics, try these Brute Ceramic mugs and saucers from Nade Store London and add a touch of industrial to your homeware aesthetic. Or, if you’re a cottagecore lover, then try this gingham tablecloth from Jolee for your office to dinner table transition.  


If like me, you’re living in a rented apartment with floor to ceiling white walls and painting your walls isn’t an option, then add a gallery wall to your spring decor. Mix and match colourful prints and personal photographs of your loved ones. We may have missed out on valuable time with loved ones, but use your wall space to share memories of past times spent laughing together. Add art that reminds you of your favourite city escape or springtime flower to remember moments spent outside. 



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