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Are Facemasks the New Fashion Statement?

Many brands are now highlighting the fashionable approach to staying safe with fashion face masks. Here are our favourite fashionable face masks for spring. 

This time last year, no one would have suspected that a face mask would be one of the most important items in one’s wardrobe. The global pandemic has cemented this necessary facial covering, as a clear fashion staple. Health experts claim that there is clear evidence that face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition to this, it is now a lawful requirement to wear a face mask in many public premises. This means the majority of the population require a mask when leaving our homes. It looks as though face masks are here to stay, ensuring longevity in this new fashion staple.   

Many brands are now understanding the importance of face masks and highlighting the fashionable approach to staying safe. There are a large range of masks to fit in with one’s style, fashion and personality. Long gone are the bright blue, itchy and abrasive, medical masks. Now, consumers have the option of funky Rixo patterns and high-end Fendi silk coverings. Due to high-street and high-end brands seeing this as a new product category, it is clear to see that the face mask is not just a necessity, but now an accessory. 

Rosantica Crystal-Embellished Face Mask, £240

Dolce & Gabbana Caretto Print Face Mask, £75

High-end Masks for High-end Safety…

Facemasks now range in expense and design, highlighting the good quality and beautiful materials, which they are made from. A higher-price point is reflected through luxury designer facemasks from brands, such as Dolce & GabbanaFendi and Tom Ford. 

We can always be hopeful that lockdown will soon come to an end. Positive thinking implores that dinners with friends, drinks in bars and seeing our families again will be a regular occurrence soon. For that sexy night out with your best girlfriends in the summer, Rosantica has created a beautiful crystal-embellished face mask. This is a layered design, with a gold tone mask situated underneath the exquisite, crystal embellishment. This face mask is not for the faint-hearted, but paired with a simple dress or jumpsuit, this really could be a “wow” fashion moment. Costing £240, this face mask is at a high price pointhowever, if you feel you deserve an expensive, post-lockdown treat, this face mask is the one for you. 

Additionally, Dolce & Gabbana have produced a beautiful Carretto-print face mask, featuring a mix of popping colours from red, to blue and black. This mask acts as a striking piece, through the graphic design and colour way. The lining is 100% cotton, meaning the mask is machine washable and can be worn multiple times, highlighting its durability. At £75 this mask is a slightly lower price point, but the high quality and beautiful design allow it to be worn in a variety of settings. 

Amir Slama Tropical Print Face Mask (2 pack), £90

Natasha Zinko Bandana Print Face Mask, £50

Mid-Price Point Masks, for Highly Fashionable Females…

There are a plethora of masks featuring in the mid-range price point, which are created from beautiful materials and styles. From Off-White’s trendy and simplistic designs, to Emilio Pucci’s gorgeous colourful patterns, this is where you can really have fun and experiment with styles, without breaking the bank!  

 For those individuals who want a mask to suit every outfit, Amir Slama has created a Tropical Pack of 2. This includes one plain black face mask, which can be worn to the local supermarket for a laid-back look, and tropical print facemaskwhich can brighten up these dull days. This features a bright turquoise and yellow pattern, bringing sentiments of that sunshine-filled holiday, we are all longing for. This fun and playful mask will really bring the positive vibes to any necessary outing. At £90, this is a mid-market price point, but allows you to gain two masks, which will suit multiple outfits. 

Natasha Zinko brings an innovative and trendy design to facemasks, in the form of a bandanna print neckerchief. This is for the edgy, rock and roll individual, who is striving for difference in their style. The blue and white cotton mask has elasticated straps, which allow the bandanna to flow softly, covering the face areaPaired with a leather jacket and your favourite tracksuit bottoms, you will certainly make a memorable appearance, when dashing to get your necessary items. Additionally, a£50 this is a good price, for a high-quality mask with a difference. 

RIXO Hope floral-print silk-blend face covering, £26

Pinko Leopard Print Face Mask, £20

Affordable but still an Accessory…

At the lower end of the price point, there are some funky patterned masks, which can suit everyone. This allows you to purchase a mask which can be worn multiple times and can spruce up any tracksuit. From unique patterns and fun colours, it shows that not all beautiful and long-lasting face masks need the designer price tag.  

Rixo have created a Hope, floral-print, recycled face covering. This mask is 70% silk and 30% cotton and allows for a fresh and floral feel.  At £26, this is at the lower end. However, the beautiful print mixed with pastel colours really embodies our approach to spring. Additionally, being made from recycled material, it supports sustainable initiatives to create a prosperous future for people and the planet. So, you can continue to remain safe, sustainable, and striking.

Finally, Pinko are bringing a leopard moment to face masks in their simple, stretch cotton design. Suitable for updating any outfit, this black and white pattern can work time and time again. Being created from a stetch cotton fabric, it is light weight, whilst bringing high levels of comfort for anyone who’s required to wear a mask for a longer period of timeAt £20 this is a cheaper mask, which is still durable and fashion-forward. 

Masks for the Long-term…

It is clear to see that there are a range of facemask in different styles, patterns and designs. This really opens up a fashionista’s opportunity to make a face mask an accessory. It is important that we continue to wear a mask to protect everyone and with a range of beautiful designs, this really is an easy task we can complete. Let’s step into spring in new masks, which lift our mood, cement ourselves as fashion forward females, and lead the way for the revolutionary accessory that is – the face mask.  


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