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Discover Ambar

Over the last year many of us have had little choice but to spend more time in our homes than ever before. Working from our kitchen tables and living room sofas has become the norm. But spending hour upon hour in these rooms has made us look a bit closer at the details.

Discover Amber Title Graphic

I see my  throws and cushions as accessories that can change an entire rooms mood in the same way a flashy earring  or stack of bracelets can turn a simple outfit into a memorable one.” – Natalia Nicolau, Founder 

Suddenly the interior design choices that we made years ago seem out of date. The cushions look a bit worn and the sofa is a bit faded. With spring in the air, it may be time for revamp. Giving these heavily  used spaces a freshen up is the best way to brighten up your home and reinvigorate its atmosphere. 

London based homeware and textile brand, Ambar, creates unique ranges of knitted interior accessories that are the perfect way to liven up the most used and loved areas in your home. Founder Natalia Nicolau created the brand after gaining decades of experience in textile development in both her native Brazil and in the UK. This, along with a degree in architecture and her work in the fashion industry, means that Ambars products are meticulously researched, carefully created and lovingly designed. Natalia  is very much involved in the running and production of Ambar, closely managing the development of products with suppliers and overlooking each part of the production process. 

Amber Living Stack of Blankets
Ambar Living Cushions

Nicolau explainsEvery piece is produced under ethical standards and using responsibly sourced materials. These sound like buzz words these days but its really at the core of  my business model so I dont mind saying it every time. 

Ambars products are all made using traditional British processes and raw materials to ensure the highest quality and to utilise the beautiful craftsmanship of trusted techniques such as hand weaving and embroidery. These traditional processes are combined with a modern use of innovative materials. The company dedicated time into extensive research of the origins of their yarn and the actions taken towards sustainability by suppliers. 

Amber Living Hammock
Amber Living Table Mats

Ambar ensure that each supplier that they work with is taking steps to reduce the environmental impact  involved in the processing of their materials, meaning that each purchase from Ambar is one that will support the continuation of sustainable homeware design and production. Slow development is not only the responsible way to produce, but it also creates an artisanal feel to each product and makes each piece feel as though it has been purposefully designed and uniquely made just for you. 

Ambars collection consists of beautiful earth-based tones interspersed with touches of bright, bold colour that will immediately and effortlessly brighten up a space. The pieces are the perfect blend of comfort and style, combining contemporary trends with carefully considered practicality.   

Introducing the woodblock pillows and throws, with a print that mixes between the natural rings of trees and the beautiful coats of exotic animals. The neutral olive, tan, black, and cream shades are ever so striking but can easily be incorporated into existing decor schemes. Eye Catching and stunningly designed, these pieces are  certain to be a focus point of your home and will leave any visitor asking where you got it from. 

Nicolau adds: My  products can liven up a room without the need to be permanent fixtures, allowing for bold colour combinations  and experiments. Apart from comfort, textiles can bring in new energy to a space in a matter of seconds.”  

Ambar Living Throw
Ambar Living Cushions

As well as their standard collection, Ambar collaborates with artists and illustrators in special limited-edition collaborations that are produced on a small scale, making them highly sought-after designs. Maintaining the brands high standards, these products allow the collaborators signature works to feature in the unique form of textile and give each the opportunity to to see their work in an alternative medium. One of the top collaborations, tattoo inspired scarf designed with illustrator Mariana Ou, is a combination of beauty and boldness with swirling traditional serpent motifs across the beautiful textile fabric. 

Ambars collection encapsulates  what modern brands should aspire to be – stunning design and thoughtful production. The brand offers high quality pieces that correspond with high-street trends yet do so in a unique and specialised way. 

Sustainable shopping is becoming easier to achieve in terms of clothing and beauty but is less seen in home decor, making Ambar a stand out amongst their competitors and putting them at the forefront of the industry. Buying from Ambar is an ideal consumer experience. Their website and social media pages are clean and easy to spend hours browsing and imagining the pieces in your own home due to Ambars brilliantly composed imagery. Choosing from the products, each beautiful in their own right, you know that youre buying something carefully and considerably produced within the UK using the highest quality materials and that will stand the test of time in terms of both quality and timeless design. 


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