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30 Mar

Deciding on aesthetics in our new home.

I had such a nice welcome to Cohorted Cult last month and I’m so excited to be writing my second article this month. My last piece recieved sucha positive feedback over on my social channels and I am so happy knowing that my words helped some of you out. I know it’s always tricky starting out in this industry, so I am more than happy to offer whatever knowledge I have picked up over the past few years.

If you follow me across my social channels, you would have seen that we’ve (Reggie and I) have just moved into our new house, which I am totally in love with and can’t wait to spam you guys with all-things-interior decor posts. I will be focusing some of my time on aesthetically pleasing interior posts over the next few months, as well as my normal fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, as I feel its a good idea to cover all angles at this stage.

Before we moved house, I created a Pinterest board and a saved folder on Instagram so that I knew which style I was going aiming for in our home. It’s so easy to get carried away and buy a handful of different pieces, which have completely contrasting style, I know, I’ve been there many times. I decided I wanted the house to have a very clean and fresh feel, lots of whites, neutrals, linen and of course the beloved Pampas Grass. I created a folder for each room and gradually added ideas and imagery that I loved. You can soon figure out the look you’re going for and purchase the first few items to start off your new aesthetic.

I was lucky enough to be sent quite a few of our bigger furniture items but when it came to the decor, I made sure I bought three of the most eye catching and characteristic pieces. Decorative items can add up quickly, so purchasing just a few of your favourite items to begin with can help to keep you on track with the rooms aesthetic, whilst keeping your interest and not breaking the bank – you can then gradually add in other items like candles, books, throws and cushions.

In our living room, I initially bought a vase with Pampas Grass in, as this is what I wanted to base the decor around. I hung a couple of framed pictures above the sofa and added a coffee table book, instantly transforming my living room and over time, I will buy smaller bits to finish it off. My bedroom needed a complete makeover as my furniture was dated and the walls bright blue when we moved in. The first thing we did was paint the walls white, this gave me a foundation to build on. I bought a couple of black clothes rails and new bedding and already it has been completely transformed. I also decided to order a hefty dressing table, as I am always storing my beauty items in boxes by the side of my bed but now I will have a place for all my favourite beauty, skincare and hair care products.

A few of my favourite products from my Cohorted January Beauty Box which I definitely want to share with you were; The Sachajuan Hair Repair which made my hair so silky and replenished, the brand is all about quality and simplicity, The BYBI Lip Plumper; BYBI was founded by two beauty bloggers who create products based on what they want and know doesn’t exist yet and their Lip Plumper definitely reflects that, made from all natural ingredients and only £9.00, I definitely recommend it! Then my favourite product in the beauty box was the Avant Pro-Perfecting Collagen Primer, which just totally transformed my makeup game by creating the perfect canvas! However it’s pretty pricey at £85, but that’s the beauty of the Cohorted beauty box, you get to try all these incredible products at a hugely discounted price so when you fall in love you can justify spending the money.

I will be posting lots of home-progress photos over on my Instagram so make sure you check it out @iamlivrose. And check in next month to see what I’ve been up to.

Olivia Butler
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