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12 Dec

Creating a Timeless, Winter Wardrobe

Sustainability is a thing we often pass by and don’t take into account when funding the newest fads; what does sustainable really mean? How can we really be sustainable, in a world where fast fashion is the newest way to shop?

With Winter trends developing, it is easy to fall into the trap of looking at influencer’s or the latest highlight on Misguided, trying to find the cheapest sweatshirt or coat… Anything to make sure we can get everything in season. However, most of us forget it’s quality not quantity.

That £15 pink teddy coat on Boohoo won’t even make it to the end of winter, never mind it being something you pick back out of your winter wardrobe in upcoming years. North America alone sends 9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfill every year!

Where have the days gone where you could pick out a piece of clothing in your wardrobe and attatched with it, are so many past stories. Or when your mum would bring out that coat she’d had for 7 years and you’d snatch it up before she had the chance to ask? Memories like this and garments that last you a lifetime are so much more important than the newest neon sweatshirt you’ll wear once!

To crush your winter wardrobe, the first essential is your statement coat! This should be something of a neutral colour or a classic khaki or black to fit your entire winter wardrobe, making it as versatile as possible. I tend to go with a classic khaki parker coat or a timeless trend: the trench coat. How can you cope with just one coat? Well, it’s easy when you know how to style it in many different ways; which brings us to your next essential: a cable knit jumper, the perfect jumper to keep you warm and will never go out of style. A perfect one on ASOS right now for £35, which is the lofty cable knit jumper, just screams my name, the soft fabric is just a dream on the skin. You’ll never get bored of wearing it, making it the perfect long-term addition to your wardrobe!

Finally, you can never go wrong with a pair of black ankle boots to go with every winter outfit; they’ll carry you right through the season. My go to style has to be either, a classic Chelsea boot or a sustainable sock boot!

As Winter approaches, we start to see brands and retailers adapting to the latest sustainability trends. Zara have recently created a ‘join life’ movement, where at least 25% of the garment is recycled polyester!

It’s important to act together as a society and begin to conciously choose these kinds of alternatives. Brands will then see that we no longer rely on fast fashion and care more about the planet than the latest influencer trend. Only then will we see big changes to the way all clothes are made.

So, this winter lets wrap ourselves up in a coat that will last us a lifetime and make the most out of the season; sustainably.

Georgia Leigh Rhodes
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