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How To Avoid Oxidation Of Your Jewellery

There is a tip that you can use that will change the future of your jewellery…

We can all agree that the perfect outfit is always completed with some accessories. There are tons of seasonal options throughout the year to ensure you’re ahead of the jewellery game…

My go-to place to buy beautiful accessories at an affordable price is high street shops, for instance, H&M, Zara, Primark, etc. However, their jewellery tends to change colours quickly because of the oxidation which means you can’t use them forever. But there is a tip that you can use that will change everything…


If you were wondering why most jewellery from high-street stores turn into a greenish/brownish colour is because of the acidity of your skin (your level of PH that is transmitted by your sweat). Your jewellery will oxidise more or less quickly based on that fact. For example, a person who has a PH level that is acidic will oxidise their jewellery faster and vice versa. When the jewellery oxidises, it will turn darker, sometimes orange/brown or some kind of greenish colour. In other words, it will become completely unusable!


A transparent/clear nail polish! When your jewellery oxidises, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on the piece and your accessories will always stay pretty! Obviously, don’t use this technique on gold or silver jewellery.

Once applied, let your jewellery dry up all night and in order to be sure that the application holds well and that’s it – goodbye oxidation! It’s a 100% guaranteed result! You can use any clear nail varnish, but it is completely useless to buy an expensive one. You can buy a cheap one from the drugstore and it will do the same job!


I hope this little tip will help you keep your jewellery at the best of its quality. 



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