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Adidas’ Vegan Shoes are set to make footprints, to pave a new path for sustainable fashion.

There has been a surge in sustainable movements, which proposes that we begin to understand the story behind our favourite products. 

What does sustainability mean for the fashion industry? 

The fashion industry continues to set pulses racing through the consistent creation of new designs. Multiple brands have fallen culprit to pumping out a plethora of products, to feed the hunger for continued purchase behaviour. However, in recent years the harmful impacts on the environment have risen to prominence. This has struck a thoughtful notion in brands and consumers conscience, to create and demand items, which are sustainable and ethical. Consequently, there has been a surge in sustainable movements, which proposes that we begin to understand the story behind our favourite products.  

The majority of consumers understand there is no Planet B. Research confirms worrying statistics such as 1.5 trillion litres of water are used by the fashion industry each year. This highlights the necessity for the population to start making conscious choices, to support lasting change. Additionally, the rising veganism trend also ties in with the sustainable and ethical movement. Many consumers are knowledgeable about the health and sustainability benefits, and regularly enjoy participating in this latest trend. It only takes one look on social media sites to see countless users advertising their pledge to a whole month of “Veganuary.” This is regularly captured through snapshots of colourful vegan-based cuisine, aligned with our necessary weekend rituals, spent at home in cosy tracksuits and hassle-free footwear. It is safe to say, chickpea burgerssustainable cotton lounge wear and vegan trainers, have never been so fashionable. Arguably, they are the pioneers of the latest sustainable lifestyle trend, for 2021 

Why Adidas is really supporting this movement…

This new movement is wholly supported by a wide range of brands. However, leaders in the field are Adidas, who are launching an innovative line of plant-based footwear, made specifically from mushroom leather. At a glance, Adidas are the epitome of cool. Being the largest sportwear manufacturer in Europe, they continue to release extremely successful products, time and time again. The brand boasts exclusivitems for sporting stars, innovative design features for fitness fanatics and trendy trainers for the everyday, shopping addict. However, Adidas commitments to fashion do not stop there. Acting as a trail blazer for sustainable sportswear, they have recently released their new 2021 Sustainability Initiativevowing that “more than 60% of all products will be made from sustainable materials in 2021.” This reflects their recent vegan footwear releases in a variety of styles. The classic Superstar and Stan Smith re-designs were best sellers, in the new vegan material. This highlights the prosperous market and clear desire from customers, to remain trendy with a sustainable twist. Not only does this bring optimism, for the movement to make its impact, it also marks a step in the right direction for fashionable footwear, that doesn’t devastate our ecosystem.  

Shop Adidas Vegan Shoes HERE.

'Consumers now desire thoughtful and beautiful products, which will add value to their wardrobe, without harming our environment.'

How does it work?

To create the trainers, Adidas have partnered up with Bolt Threads. A biotech company brimming with revolutionary ideas, inspired by nature and the ecological beauty of our world. Through ground-breaking design, Bolt Threads create the trainers from Mycelium, the part of fungi that produces mushrooms. However, you don’t have to be a die-hard vegan fan, to fall in love with these shoes. Being an elegant, palshade of white, with minimal branding, this trainer acts as the perfect blank canvas for any trend setter. Paired beautifully with your tracksuit for a laid-back look for the supermarket, or dressing down the perfect Spring dress for future outings, this trainer will act as a centre piece in your wardrobe.  

The Future for Sustainability in Fashion

The proposed success of these trainers supports the fact that sustainability and veganism, is here to stay. Consumers now desire thoughtful and beautiful products, which will add value to their wardrobe, without harming our environment. The message of ethical consumption choice is well understood and expressed brilliantly, through Adidas vegan trainers. Continually purchasing sustainable items may come with its challenges, but understanding the lifecycle of products and their effects, are becoming our norm. We all need to make proactive and small swaps to ensure a lasting impact in the long term. Therefore, it is time that we tie up the laces on our vegan trainers and get ready to put our best foot forwardto be leaders of the ever-so fashionable, sustainability movement.  


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