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This month’s favourites we’re all about Veganuary! The Cohorted team have put together our first Cult Edit of 2021 and can’t wait to share it with you! From cosmetics and fashion, to lifestyle and wellbeing products, we’ve got some incredible Vegan brands and products to share with you. 

Amy - Graphics Team

With not being able to visit the hairdressers as much as I would like (thanks Covid), I wanted to invest in some high-quality shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking fresh. This set from Function of Beauty is not only 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but is also completely customisable – you can choose everything down to the scent and colour of your products. By selecting your hair type, structure and scalp moisture, as well as 5 hair goals, your products are individually formulated to suit your hair needs. I have seen a huge improvement in the way my hair looks and feels since using this set and I am already planning on buying more from their range.

Eliza - Marketing Team

I’ve always been a bit of a gym addict, but going into the New Year, I’m stepping up my game. With new gym goals, comes new gym gear and the Shreddy brand do it best. Weather your looking for dumbbells or supplements, you can guarantee to find the best vegan and sustainable products on the market at Shreddy. I’ve been planning on investing in the pink lifting belt and straps for a while, and now I’m attaining higher goals and heavier weights, the time couldn’t be more right. A more recent addition to the brand, has been supplements. Finding delicious vegan protein can be a challenge, but Shreddy have made it oh so easy to find the perfect products to help the gains along. All whilst meeting your vegan needs!

Hannah - Graphics Team

Moving into the new year, I definitely will be purchasing from more sustainable fashion retailers and up-cycling and reinventing my own clothes. I’ve always been rather conscious about what retailers I purchase from and whether the products produced have been sourced ethically and sustainably. An example of a business that I will be buying from this year is Sadie Alys Apparel and Clothing, who make hand made to order clothing. As Sadie Alys’ business utilises slow fashion rather than mass production this way of working is better for the environment and also everything is beautifully hand crafted. I particularly love the Sadie Alys Dunagrees and will be investing in some soon!

Rose - Buying Team

Embarking on what is now my third year taking part in Veganuary, it’s been interesting to see the evolution of widely available vegan friendly substitutes as the movement has gained popularity over the years. First it was the Greggs sausage roll, then KFC’s Vegan Chicken Burger & now even the likes of Nandos are jumping on the band wagon (lets for now ignore the irony of these mass meat consuming companies capitalising on the growth of Veganism). Whilst these all do feel like a little bit of a cheat, it still amazes me to discover products which are actually accidentally vegan & widely available in local supermarkets. The Accidentally Vegan Instagram account is a godsend for sharing quite literally ‘accidentally vegan’ products making the January food shop a doddle!

Amelia - Sales Team

As we are stepping into a much more hopefull and better year ahead I have finally joined the Glossier hype, better late than never! Their Bubblewrap Lip & Eye Cream is incredibly silky and moisturises the under eye so well! It has also really helped smooth, plump, and hydrate my lips, especially in the colder seasons. I really love how this product is a multitasker and highly rate the cute and simplistic packaging. The metal bottle keeps the product cool, so I always feel refreshed and reset after applying.

Emma - Partnerships and Editorial Team

If you’re looking for sustainable underwear that you’ll never want to take off, then look no further. Founded by Lucy Watson, RENUE set out to create sustainable, vegan friendly intimates using innovative materials that can themselves be reused, regenerated and renewed. Inspired by everyday basics and comfy boyfriend shapes, these sets are the perfect New Year treat. Plus, they will look cute on your feed!

Kirstyn - Sales Team

Entering the new year with a new recipe book to help kickstart Veganuary is a great idea. The Plant Kitchen is a perfect book for those new to veganism. It includes over 70 easy to follow recipes using simple ingredients to create delicious vegan meals and snacks. I love the variety of recipes, from Lasagne to Jamaican curry, it has everyones tastes covered! If you prefer the sound of online recipes to follow rather than buying a full book, the Avant Garde Vegan instagram page is always posting meal ideas with recipe links too.

Holly - Sales Team

As we now step into 2021, I defiantly want to be purchasing more sustainable and vegan products. One product I love in-particular and can’t live without are candles. My favourite Vegan one I’ve found is the ‘Hobo Soy Candles’. These vegan candles are based on the scents like Oakwood and Mahogany, a perfect warming scent for this time of year! They also come in re-usable glass jars, which are great for when the candle has burnt down and you can use jars as homeware decor.

Lucy - Marketing Team

2020 was filled with lots of good food and drinks, with new types of restaurants and bars opening up all over. As 2021 begins and with the pubs still closed due to COVID, I will miss trying different beers and ales. Luckily, Brewdog have released a Vegan Beer Bundle, perfect for Veganuary.

So you can try new ales from the comfort of your own home!

Tori - Social Media Team

My skincare obsession isn’t going anywhere in 2021 and one product I will definitely be enjoying is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This is a vegan and cruelty-free product from Glossier, which by no means takes away from the beauty of this gentle, no fuss cleanser. This is an ideal product for those starting out their skincare journey or if you’re after a paired back, daily face wash without the risk of breakouts. This is a super nourishing and soothing face wash for all skin types – use to remove make-up and daily grime or for a little refresh throughout the day.  


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