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Small Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

Compliments and gifts can truly make not only your friends’ day but can boost your mood as well. Here are some ways to easily treat your loved ones without breaking the bank.

two friends in new york

Small treats go a long way

Receiving gifts, whether small or big is always a reliable mood booster. Whether it be for a special occasion or simply just to show you care, it’s always a good surprise. If you’re a student like me, it’s unrealistic to buy expensive things out of the blue. This doesn’t mean that a £2.50 bunch of flowers won’t make someone’s day.  

Last week I treated myself to a self-care book, ‘Good Vibes, Good Life. I am halfway through, and I am loving it. It would be the perfect gift for anyone at the moment. Since hairdressers and salons have reopened, books are great for passing the time at these painfully long but enjoyable appointments. These self-care books are great especially if a friend is going through a tough time or needs some clearer headspace.  

Celebrate them

Everyone likes to be celebrated. If a friend has recently got a new job or has begun a new hobby, it should be celebrated! Support who they are as individuals and how they benefit your life. If you feel like they’ve been a great friend to you in recent times, tell them. A short message saying how much you appreciate them goes a long way.  

Cook for them

Hosting for friends can be a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. Whether it’s a Monday or Friday night, it’s always important to make time for your friends to show them how much you care. Cooking is a great way to bond with new friends or a way to open up more with your oldest friends.  

Since cooking can be seen as a form of meditation and a great way to ease anxiety, it can be perfect to wind down on an evening and enjoy it with good company. If your cooking skills aren’t the best, it can be great to start with a one-pot meal such as a Chilli con Carne. Meals such as these are so easy to create, it’s always a reliable meal that most will enjoy and can be made vegan super easily.   

Hosting these kinds of nights usually means that your friend will do the same for you. Showing that friendship goes both ways and getting a home-cooked meal truly does make you feel appreciated. It shows that your friendship isn’t primarily based on being social with others, drinking or just somebody you like to go out with.  

'Support who they are as individuals and how they benefit your life.

Check-in on them

Sometimes life needs to be private, most people keep it this way. This can lead to bottling up emotions and hiding away. A quick text or chat on their doorstep is a great way to help them know that people are there for them.   

Using the reversal technique is a great way of communicating well with someone, getting them to open up about their experiences or feelings but keep them talking about themselves. Remembering not to push too far but just so they feel comfortable opening up with someone they trust.  

With hospitality opening back up, some people feel nervous about getting back into the ‘normal’ world. Remember if a friend doesn’t want to join your table of six at the pub, this isn’t due to them not wanting to be around you but simply because they’d prefer to spend an extra week or so at home to readjust. Stopping by for a coffee in their garden can be a great way of showing them that you understand how they’re feeling.  

Believe in their dreams

We all have different life ambitions, dreams and goals. In the same way we all see life differently. One thing that may seem unrealistic to you, may seem completely achievable to others. Not putting others down is important. Showing someone they’re capable of more than they think they are is a way of boosting their confidence.  

Letting them know how much they do for you is a great confidence boost. If they have a job interview coming up, let them know all the positive things about them, their sense of humour, good smile and warm personality can help them believe in themselves. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell someone how you feel about them, compliments truly go a long way.  

As we begin to get back to living again, it can be harder for some more than others. Showing your friends appreciation can make them feel loved and wanted.  


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