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6 Ways to Prepare Your Health for Spring

And just like that, spring has sprung. It’s a little hard to believe that we’re now entering the spring period, but we’re definitely not mad about it! 

Although to some, changing seasons is not all that easy. Adjusting our mind and body according to the season can be extremely beneficial and important for our wellbeing. As the seasons change, we naturally require and crave new elements to go about our day and allow our body to function optimally. Throughout winter, we are essentially ‘hibernating’. We hit snooze on our alarm in the morning as there’s no sunlight peeping through the curtains. We eat more dense and comforting food to make us feel warm inside. Our activity levels are dramatically reduced due to the rainy British weather. We basically go into ‘slump’ mode, which can be an endless cycle to break. 

Well, all that’s about to change with these basic tips to set you up for spring/summer 2021! 

Increase your activity levels

If you’re struggling with getting outside, remember its mind over matter. Look to nature for mindfulnessand realise how getting outside will benefit your head space“This is your time to reconnect with the natural world and embrace your inner-self”. As the weather gets warmer, you will find yourself craving that Vitamin and no longer having to force yourself on a daily walk. 

Get up before the sun rises

If you’re a natural early bird, this tip comes easy. Setting your alarm 30 minutes before sun rise will have major positive impacts on your dayIt will also help to adjust your body clock in time for the spring rising. Instead of waiting until summer to watch the sun rise, start now 

Reflect on what you consume

Due to the cooler temperatures, winter can actually make you extremely dehydrated. We naturally drink less water and opt for more hot drink varieties while getting through the winter blues. Our bodies may well reduce the thirst response, but trust us, they still require the 1.5-2 litres per day.

Lighten up on the food

Lightening up on your food choices by no means suggests going on a diet or eating less. Simply minimising the comfort food – stodgy carbs, creamy sauces, processed snacks, is what we’re aiming forAdjusting the foods you eat, meals you prepare and nutrients you consume along with the season, will make you feel lighter and more body confidentPerhaps shopping for seasonal fruit and vegetables will allow you to mix up your meals – use this ‘seasonal recipes online guide for inspiration. Remember, eat better not less!

'Setting your alarm 30 minutes before sun rise will have major positive impacts on your day.'

Reflect on your habits throughout winter - what do you need to change?

As mentioned earlier, we go into slump mode during winter, resulting in the formation of some terrible habits. We become lazy, we wake up late and overall, our motivation decreases. Let’s revaluate why this may be happening and how we can make ourselves more motivated for the day ahead. Maybe it’s time to start reading some self-development books or listen to some inspiring and motivational podcasts, we also highly encourage journaling. Writing a daily gratitude list, or jotting down your thoughts and why you feel this way can change your perspective dramatically. Remember, only you can make the change! Mindset really is everything.  

Introduce greenery and get into the garden

There are so many mental and wellbeing benefits of gardening. It’s a simple activity that can massively boost your mood, reduce stress and even help fight off seasonal illnesses. Gardening has a huge impact on our physical and our mental health. It’s proven to support recovering addicts and those with serious mental health issues. There’s no surprise here, as humans we are part of nature, we belong outside with nature. If you don’t have a garden or balcony, bring the outdoors inside and treat yourself to some new houseplants 

The all-important spring clean

We all maintain our home and keep up with the basics to ensure it’s clean and tidy. Howeverthe spring clean is a complete re-organisation. Go all Mrs Hinch on your home. Cupboards, storage space, draws, wardrobe, under the bed – everywhere. Out with the old, in with the new. And then you can breathe a sigh of relief 

These tips are all simple and easy to implement into your life, but in order to make them a daily habit, you must show up and be consistent! This will prepare you for a smooth transition between the seasons. Each of these points are also perfectly adjustable to everyone’s lifestyle. So why not start todayand feel like your best self while we venture into the brighter, warmer ones


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