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Pontine Paus on Transitioning from a design career to cosmetics to found Dr Lipp

This month, in honour of International Womens Day, Cohorted are championing leading #FemaleFounders in the industry. Throughout the month of March, we are bringing you exclusive content from the leading ladies themselves.


Our female founders series will discuss how brands were founded, the personal journeys of these inspirational women and sharing advice that will empower younger woman on their career paths.

Next up in our #FemaleFounders series is Dr. Lipp founderPontine Paus who is the life and soul behind the brand. Always on the look out for the best wellness products, trends and activities, she is constantly exploring nature and all things beauty! 

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t just tease you because featured in our March FemaleFounders Beauty Box is the Dr.Lipp Superfood Red Radish Lip Tint guaranteed to make your pout perfect…

1. Can you talk us through the initial inspiration behind Dr Lipp? 

I started Dr.Lipp back in 2004 when I couldn’t find anything to help with dry skin! After a successful career as a luxury handbag designer, Pontine is a lover for all things design, beauty and wellness. After being recommended ‘nipple balm’ from a pregnant friend, I was amazed by how hydrating the main ingredient was. The product was so effective for all sorts of dry skin issues and I wanted to make it available to more people. If it was good enough for your nipples, then it would be good enough for everywhere else. I was fascinated that this highly effective 100% natural product was made from only ONE 100% natural ingredient – medical grade lanolin – which I discovered was the true unsung hero of the skincare world! But it was also a testament to the fact that short ingredient lists can be simply amazing and serve multiple purposes. 

Don’t think too much, just get on with it and do it – make it happen.

2. What has been the greatest challenge for you so far? 

Finding the right people to making a winning team for Dr.Lipp! 


3. What is your favourite Pontine Paus design you have created and why? 

The Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits. It is still my hero! 

Our caps will be made of 65% PCR (recycled ocean plastic) so you can look and feel gorgeous whilst being kinder to the environment.

4. What has been the most important lesson you’ve learnt since starting the brand? 

Patience, and never give up! 


5. What advice would you give to aspiring businesswomen to overcome their hurdles? 

Don’t think to much, Just get on with it and do it – make it happen. Then always be prepared to adapt to the situation and make the best out anything that comes your way! 


6. What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Don’t be afraid to start your dream earlier, don’t wait! 


7. As we know you love you love to travel, where will be your next go to post pandemic destination? 

Venice would be my dream! And to go sailing from there! 

8. We imagine more often than not you have an extremely busy schedule. What do you do to wind down?       

Yoga, Sound massage and hiking in the Verbier mountains are ways I love to wind down. 


9. What is on the horizon for Dr Lipp and where do you see the brand in 5 years time? 

Dr.Lipp is focusing on our sustainability message.  This year, our big innovation is our new recyclable bioplastic sugar cane tubes that have massively reduced CO2 foot print to our standard PE tubes. And our caps will be made of 65% PCR (recycled ocean plastic) so you can look and feel gorgeous whilst being kinder to the environment! In 5 years timeDr.Lipp will be taking over the world with 100% natural, multi-use skincare…everyone will have Dr.Lipp in their handbags, cars, nightstands…everywhere! 


10. Who is your ultimate female inspiration & why? 

Oprah! Everything about her is inspirational, from her work ethic down to her charity work. She is all around an amazing woman. 

Dr.Lipp’s founder and creative director is the modern day wonder woman and is the life and soul behind the brand.

Originally from Norway, living a simple life with nature is in her blood. Always on the look out for the best wellness products, trends and activities, she is constantly exploring nature and all things beauty! 

Join us in paying tribute to our female trailblazers and head over to the Cohorted Instagram, where you can delve deep into exclusive content and conversation from our founder community.


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