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It’s Official: Masturbation Helps Relieve Period Cramps

Or as we like to call it: ‘menstrubation’…

collage of period cramps

It’s pretty common knowledge within gal circles that enjoying some ‘alone time’ while you’re on your period is one of the best ways to cure the agonising cramps. It’s also pretty good at ending your period a little earlier, if you’ve got a hot steamy date lined up… 

However, what we’ve all known, and spoken about, has now been proved by actual science. Which is great for a number of reasons, not least because female masturbation is way too taboo considering it’s the 21st century. So a scientific study about the subject seems pretty forward-thinking – but also about time. Aside from the frustrating taboo surrounding female masturbation, period pains are something that women are often told to just get on and deal with. For many, 2-3 days of cramps are considered normal. Never mind if you had a cramp in your leg for that long you’d likely be rushed to A&E – we all know how painful that is, so why are women expected to put up with it just because it’s in their uterus and men don’t have to suffer? 

The Menstrubation Study, conducted by Womanizer in May 2020, is the first step in tackling the Gender Health Gap. It found that 90% of people who menstruate would recommend masturbation as pain relief, and 85% of these people plan to maintain their new masturbation routine after the study.  

The test was carried out over the course of six months. Possibly the most interesting finding is that the pain intensity of the cramps noticeably decreased. Each participant was asked to record the intensity and frequency of their pain each month. The first month averaged at 6.7 points on the scale, compared with 5.4 at the end of the study. In the first month alone, the value dropped by 0.8 points, which shows an almost immediate effect of orgasms on pain intensity. The same effect was witnessed when it came to the frequency of period pain – an almost immediate decrease in how regular the pain was.  

Dr Naomi Sutton (NHS Sexual Health consultant and doctor on E4’s The Sex Clinic) explains: “We know that masturbation can have positive effects on health and general well-being for several reasons. Following orgasm, the hormone dopamine is released which activates an inner bliss. This, combined with the increase in blood flow resulting from climax, are both ways orgasm may alleviate period pains”. 

So there you have it gals. What was once the worst week of the month, every month, now has a very big silver lining: orgasms are the most efficient pain reliever.  

Treat yourself to a lil Love Honey haul, science demands it.  


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