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A Productive Start To The Year
Life should be about finding a balance that's right for you. There will be times when the pressure is on, and you need to put the hours in. Just don't make a habit of it.
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What will happen to the fashion industry post covid-19?
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Unfiltered by Cohorted: Just Apply Imagination with Emilie Louizides

Join  us as Emilie Louizides shares the gossip on the F Word, her father and his influence, and Cohorted being her first ever podcast!  

Emilie Louizides is a makeup artist and contributing beauty editor for The F Word magazine. She understands that makeup artistry is so much more than surface work—it’s infused with culture and creates an intimacy with complete strangers that builds human connections.  

Emilie started her studies at an art school in the US, where she began studying fashion. She soon discovered that fashion was more of a hobby than a career for her, and started spending her time (during and out of class) doing makeup for anyone who needed it.  

By the time she’d finished her studies, she had a full makeup portfolio, which she used to apply to the London College of Fashion to study makeup artistry.  

In this episode, she chats about getting out of her comfort zone and moving from the US to the UK to study makeup artistry, getting a Bachelor’s degree in her field, her advice for those wanting to get into makeup artistry, and cold emailing makeup artists’ agents to get practical work on set!  

Emilie currently works as a freelance makeup artist, the beauty editor for the F Word, and her work can be seen in high-authority publications like Vanity Fair, Paper, Clash, Attitude, and British GQ, amongst others.  

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