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10 Sep

Getting Your Life Back on Track with 3 Simple Steps

Firstly, this is just a reminder that sometimes you have to step back and take a moment to recollect everything that’s going on. Stop trying to force thoughts, feelings and actions that are not within your mental or physical capacity at that moment.  
Yes, we can often fall from the face of the earth at times and get caught up with life, and that’s OK. It’s important to embrace the journey you’re on and if that means you’ve fallen off track, then so be it! What does that really even mean? You’re just not living in alignment with your desires and values right now, but it doesn’t mean you’ve completely lost yourself.  

What is this teaching you? 
How is it making you feel? 
Has anything in your life been put into perspective?

I’ve assembled some simple steps on how to get your life back on track, without getting overwhelmed and stressed out by the thought of it. Life isn’t a race, it’s a marathon, so visualise it as part of the journey. You’re just not in it to power through, you have to go at a steady pace and take it for what it is. 

Step Number 1

First of all, strip everything back to basics. Figure out how you’d like your day to look and how you would like to feel at the end of each day. What are your days looking like right now? What habits do you have that are potentially holding you back? It’s all about asking yourself the right, relevant questions that will ultimately set you back on your path. Compare your reality to what you really want and create achievable goals, you’ll snap back in no time. 

Step Number 2

Refreshing your environment is a must. It might seem like it has a placebo effect, but realistically it does make you feel SO much better. When everything is organised and has its own place, you become much more prepared and decluttered. You can do this by having a total wipe out; get rid of the things you don’t want/need, clean every corner of your space and put everything in order. On the other hand, you could also re-decorate, up-cycle old furniture, add some new plants, photo frames and other accessories – spice it up a little. 

Step Number 3

Make plans as you usually would, don’t become a recluse because you’ve found yourself in a bubble. Speaking from experience, there have been times where I’ve fallen off track and I’ve allowed plans to pass me by, just because of my current mindset. It’s nice to have plans and it’s actually important to look forward to doing something, whether that’s with yourself or with friends and family. Give yourself time each week to have a coffee catch up, a picnic in a park, a dinner date or even a little movie night in. Plans don’t need to be lavish; they just need to be plans. Book something in and get it in your diary. 

Remember, slow down and embrace your feelings. Ask the right questions and be true to yourself. What are you learning right now that can help you in the future? Strip things back to basics, clear your space and make plans – three, very simple steps on how to get your life back on track.  

Becky Carver

Becky is a lifestyle & wellness blogger currently living in Sydney on a working holiday visa all the way from Essex. She’s determined to make a positive change one post at a time through her online presence on social media and on her blog. She’s found her passion by reflecting on her own wellness journey and wants to inspire others to start theirs.

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