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Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here’s a list of inspiration and tips for fundraising this Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and will likely affect us all in some capacity throughout our lifetime. If you’re looking to raise money for breast cancer research and increase awareness of the disease, there are plenty of quick and simple ways to do so.

Run or Walkathon

It’s time to dig out those dusty trainers and get moving! Whether you’re a casual runner or a marathon marvel, there are various local charity runs for all abilities. If running isn’t really your style, consider doing a walk instead. You could even get creative and wear a costume on your walk to capture the attention of spectators. Breast Cancer Now has an amazing selection of more local challenges that you can get involved in.  

Get involved: https://breastcancernow.org/get-involved/sports-adventure/charity-walks  

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a classic yet super-efficient way to raise some funds. Simply whip up a range of sweet treats and sell them in an area with foot traffic. Ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours to collaborate with the cooking, so you have plenty of cakes to sell. Bonus points for pink and boob shaped buns!

Quiz Night

Let’s get quizzical was the unofficial slogan of lockdown as zoom quizzes ruled over our evenings. True quizzers never get sick of a good trivia night, though! Put together some cracking quiz questions and maybe even include a breast cancer related round to raise awareness of the cause. Invite the most competitive people you know and offer a prize to the team that proves themselves the masters of general knowledge.


There’s got to be at least one sunny day in October that is worthy of hosting a community BBQ, or maybe it’s better to hold off until summer with this one. Regardless of the season, nobody can say no to good food. Cook up a storm in your community and ask people for donations on the day. You could also include plenty of entertainment to help with fundraising, such as face-painting, games and perhaps even a raffle.

Coffee Morning

A coffee morning is a fantastic idea for a fundraising event. Since most of us need a coffee before we can even think about working, collaborating with your co-workers for this event would be great. Nothing pairs better with coffee than cake does, so consider combining it with a bake sale to maximise fundraising.

Cut Your Hair

Women suffering from breast cancer often lose their hair during treatment. Hosting a hair cutting party is a great way to support a loved one going through breast cancer treatment. Whether it’s just a trim, a dramatic chop, or you decide to shave the whole lot off, any contribution goes a long way. Ask a local hairdresser to get involved to avoid any hair disasters.


Raffles incentivise people to contribute to the cause because they have the potential thrill of going home with a prize. They’re easy to organise, and all you need are tickets and something worth winning. This means that you can combine a raffle with another fundraising event, such as your coffee morning or community BBQ!

Art Your Bra

This is a cool and creative way to raise both money and awareness for breast cancer. We all have a bra that’s well past its use but nothing is beyond fixing when a bedazzler is involved. Post your brartistc masterpiece on social media with a reminder to your friends to check their tits!

Pink Themed Party

Gather your best girls and invite them around for a night of fun. The sky is the limit with this one. You could host a movie night, a karaoke night or just a good old boozy bash. Go all out with the décor, and make sure everyone’s wearing pink, whether it’s a Wednesday or not.

Give It Up

We all have our indulgences. Whether it’s chocolate, screen time, or alcohol, challenge yourself to give up something for an entire month. You can ask for donations from the doubters that you’re determined to prove wrong or even donate the money you would have spent to charity.


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