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Unfiltered by Cohorted: From Finance to Fashion with Tola Adeagbo...

Cohorted’s host, Ruby Norris, talks to Tola Adeagbo about her journey from financial analyst to multi-award winning handbag designer.

Originally from a financial background, Tola Adeagbo found herself unemployed after being made redundant in the 2008 financial crisis. Finding it difficult to marry up life as a mother with the traditional 9-5 life, Tola went back to her original passion – design – and founded the accessory brand, Florian London, in 2013, winning awards within one year of launching.  

Cohorted’s host, Ruby Norris, talks to Tola Adeagbo about her journey from financial analyst to multi-award winning handbag designer. They discuss the importance that passion plays in your life and work, and Tola describes how, as the daughter of African migrants, she had to find the balance between what she wanted and what her father envisioned for her.  

Tola talks about the creative process of designing a bag, as well as her love of colour and who she sees the true Florian girl as. She also talks about the difficulties that the pandemic brought to the brand, and how she overcame them.  

Finally, Tola highlights the fact that she’s an ambassador for Mumble Forum, a platform that highlights and celebrates strong women – and especially, strong mums.  


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