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Exclusive Interview with Savōr Wine

Wine concept savōr creates new experiences for customers – whilst planting a tree for every bottle bought 

The food tells the story, the wine provides the music.

Female-founders of savōr, Natasha and Sophie, were enjoying a bottle of rosé one summer evening and feeling uninspired by their accompanying snacks. The pair set out on a mission to find delicious and ethically made wine, to pair with local recipes from its country of origin. Creating a completely unique and interactive experience, each bottle you order comes with carefully selected companions to enjoy – from regional recipes to the perfect music to match your meal. What’s more, the wines are made with ethical, vegan practices and for every bottle bought, a tree is planted.  

We reached out to the women behind the wine to find out a little bit more about them, their journey and the savōr concept.  

How and when did the savōr journey start?   

Our journey started during lockdown when we started thinking about how we could make wine more accessible to people by providing an experience that gave more than just a bottle. Our months of lockdown and dinners at home got us thinking about how we could incorporate technology and wine to create a full experience and so we started building out the business plan and ideating in January and launched in May – it was a quick 5 months but we were so excited to receive our first bottles in such a short time!  

savōr is such a fantastic concept, with wine meeting food and music! Can you tell us a little more about it?  

Thank you! The quote “the food tells the story, the wine provides the music” really stands out to us, to describe what we’re trying to accomplish. We believe that wine pairing goes further than tasting notes, but encompasses the atmosphere and environment it can create and transport you to. As we were limited from travelling for the past months, we found that music and food was a great way to experience new cultures and “travel”. Sophie has a background in culinary school and we worked with a friend in culinary school, Julia Rawe, to create custom recipes and ensure they were suitable for any dietary restriction with a nod to the country of the wine’s origin. For the playlists, we worked with The Nightingale Club to curate playlists reflecting the atmosphere we’d envision when enjoying the wine and reflecting its country of origin.  


Can you tell us a little more about yourselves and your experience?  

We met in business school in New York and have been best friends since – after graduating we both moved into the tech world and savōr has been a fantastic way to combine our professional and personal interests.  

Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat the damaging effects of climate change...This is why we’ve committed to planting one tree for every bottle sold.

How do you source the wines?   

 We worked with small and local wineries in Valencia (Spain), Puglia (Italy) and Minervois (France) respectively to develop our wine based on the tasting notes we wanted. It was a long process of tasting over 80 wines to get to where we are today – our red is bold and smooth, our rosé is pale and refreshing and the white crisp and zesty. We’re huge wine lovers and wanted to find the best possible quality and taste at an accessible price point. 


How do you source vegan choices?  

When building out our initial idea, it was really important to us that sustainability was at the top of our mind. For this reason, we only met with and tasted wines that were vegan. Vegan wine essentially means that none of our wines are filtered using animal by-products to create the clear and bright colours.  


Each bottle comes with carefully selected companions – how does this process work?  

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible – each of our bottles have a QR code on the back that can be scanned to direct you to the perfect playlist and recipes to pair with the wine. We’ll be updating our recipes seasonally, so this is the best time to try the summer recipes for picnics and long outdoor dinners!  


Planting a tree for every bottle sold is amazing, can you tell us a little more about that?  

Thank you – we’re very proud of it! As mentioned, sustainability was at the core of what we wanted to achieve – we wanted savōr to be more than just a bottle. That came with the concept of food and music pairing, but also in knowing buying a bottle did something positive for the world. Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat the damaging effects of climate change. Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. This is why we’ve committed to planting one tree for every bottle sold.  

Tell us a bit about your typical day and what it looks like?  

No day is the same – as we’re a fully independent small business, the two of us run everything from sales to marketing to accounting to fulfilment to really anything else you can imagine. We try to prioritize the week and split tasks as they come in – we don’t really have defined roles and find we can help balance each other well. As we’re starting to move past our launch phase, we’re now honing in on growth and spreading our brand. We’ve gotten really amazing feedback from anyone who has tried our wine which means so much when you put everything into the business.  


Has there been any specific challenges since starting that you’ve had to overcome? 

Where to begin? Launching a business is tough work and we always joke that it’s a true rollercoaster. Every day comes with a major challenge and major accomplishment – balancing the emotions of that is a challenge in itself. Otherwise, Brexit has naturally been a challenge for us given our wines are sourced from the EU, with our red and white stuck in customs for several weeks. But they’ve finally arrived in the UK and we’re so excited to hear what people think and have our full offering available. 


Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you can reveal to our readers?   

As we really try to be more than just a bottle, we are exploring some exciting partnerships and potential accessories – stay tuned!  

Where is the best place for our readers to find your wine and what do you recommend for a first time savōr customer? 

We are available directly at www.savor.today – selling our wine directly to customers. When you buy wine at the supermarket, you are typically buying a low-quality bulk wine at a high markup because there are so many parties involved until the wine reaches supermarket shelves. By cutting out retailers and selling directly to our customers, we’re able to sell a much higher quality wine for the price. We buy great wine directly from the source and pass along our savings from selling directly from our website by charging a lower markup for ourselves (plus our customers don’t even have to carry it home from the supermarket!). For a first time customer, our tricolore is a popular choice as there’s a taste of all 3 but we also have mixed sets for those who prefer specific colours of wine.  


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