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Empowering Female Friendships

Friendship for me is defined as someone who supports, cares and continually brings me joy, whilst making me laugh at every opportunity. A more definitive definition is a mutual association between two people who share a close bond.

When friendships are positive, they can be one of our biggest supports, which can help us through our toughest moments. I truly believe there are different types of friends, however, all can empower us in unique ways. No friendship is the same – yet all can bring such different experiences to our life. 

The Friends for Different Periods of our Lives

Even though I am in my early twenties, I have life-long friends who have been present through all the big steps in my life – I call these girls my “Home Friends.” We spent a lot of time together at school, finding our feet through our teenage years and hitting all the important milestones. In the last few years, we have spent the majority of time apart, whilst we were away at University. I found this actually made some of my friendships stronger and I looked forward to Christmas, Easter and Summer when we could all get together again. My home friends and I understood this new chapter, we were all pursuing different degrees, in different cities and doing things we had individually chosen. Realistically, we were beginning to grow up and I found it exciting meeting their new friends, as well as finding my own path. This again is something to be cherished, appreciating the differences we now have, whilst having support for new opportunities.  

This leads on to “University Friends,” some of the closets and quickest friendships I have made. These friends have been through many, many hangovers, fun times and now looking back – the best three years of my life. The importance of female friends is really clear when I chose to live in a house with 8 girls. Fake tan, make-up, boys and too many bottles of wine to even think about, these are the girls who I grew up with! Now we have all been separated again, probably due to COVID, but also because we don’t live in the same city anymore. Looking back, these friendships are so special due to the close proximity we shared. I lived, ate, danced, cried and laughed with these girls and that is something which I will always treasure.  

'For me, it is my girlfriends who I depend on in my toughest moments and for that, female friendships should never be underestimated.'

When Friendships Take A Turn…

Additionally, if a friendship does fizzle out, for whatever reason, I have always tried to view the positive lesson to take away. Maybe your lives are not quite aligning, perhaps you are now living in different places or it could just be the friendship has run its course! I try to never view anything in a negative light, I don’t think this helps any situation. But also learning to let go and appreciate changes is something which also should be spoken about more frequently.  

Being a Girls’ Girl!

I personally adore all my friends and find that I have no other bond which is quite like female friendships. All-in-all, I’m a girls’ girl and I wouldn’t have it any other wayWho really can you laugh with until you cry, or cry with until you laugh? For me, it is my girlfriends who I depend on in my toughest moments and for that, female friendships should never be underestimated.


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