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How to Celebrate International Friendship Day Virtually

The 30th of July is the International Day of Friendship! You may be interested to know that this day originated in 1919, but fizzled out by 1940. In 2011, the United Nations reinstated the day, naming June the 30th as the special day.

It makes sense that the day would be about sharing your gratitude for good friends. And according to the day’s official declaration, it’s a chance to celebrate friendship in ways that keep to the culture and customs of local and national communities. But today, the world is digital. Friendships stretch across the world… So keeping to local customs can be a bit tricky. But don’t let that stop you from celebrating the fabulous friends you have across the globe! Here’s how to celebrate International Friendship Day virtually, so you can share the vibes and your gratitude with those whose friendship you appreciate.

What’s the Importance of International Friendship Day?

Sure, you can reach out to your buddies at any time and express how you feel about their friendship. But how often do you?

This day is a reminder to share your feelings, gratitude, and love with the people you’ve chosen as your friends. As the saying goes, friends are family that you get to choose, and it’s just as important to remind them of what they mean in your life.

Here are some lesser-known reasons why celebrating your friendships might be a good idea this year!

● Good friendship makes you more emotionally and mentally resilient.
● Strong friendships foster a sense of purpose and belonging.
● Studies show that socialising with friends can improve your sleep quality.
● Research shows that spending time with friends can boost brain power!
● A stress shared is a stress halved! Friends can help you deal during tough times.
● Friends keep you accountable for the important things in life.
● Overall, it’s safe to say that good friends can make you healthier!

Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day Digitally

Wondering how to celebrate this day with your worldwide friends? Here are some fun ideas to do if your friendship circle is spread throughout various countries. No need to skip the day or resort to sending a virtual card… Have some fun together!


Host a Virtual Get-Together With Your Friends

Tech allows us to hang out together even if we’re all in different places. Arrange a virtual gettogether with your friend group. Set a date, time, and arrange what exactly you’re going to do.

Are you all going to grab a burger and have a burger dinner together? Or if you want to stick to the local customs, have everyone go for a local meal, which can make it a little more interesting! Or, if the time difference doesn’t allow for a full meal together, do a local snack and drink.


Send Messages of Appreciation

This one is something you should be doing even if you’re spending time with your friends on the day. Take some time to send a message to each of your friends to show your appreciation for their presence in your life.

Avoid copy-and-paste messages here! Spend a few minutes thinking about what each person means to you. Remember an experience you had together that’s memorable or funny. Think about the best way to express what their presence in your life means to you.


Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This one can be a lot of fun! Instead of just hanging out, eating, and chatting, do something fun and active. The easiest way to do this is to download a scavenger hunt app, like Scavify. Each person taking part can download the app and join in.

If your friend group digs a bit of friendly competition, this is a must to try! You’ll need to set it up a little in advance to avoid awkward waiting time, then simply hop on a group call when you’re ready to play and hit the hunt together! You can do it entirely separately without the group call, but it’s more fun when you’re actually hanging out and playing.


Plan a Virtual Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Session

You can get really creative here. Whatever kind of DIY projects you think would be fun (and each group member can get the parts/equipment for) is on the table. Some ideas:

● Bake cookies
● Do pottery
● Origami
● Mixing drinks
● Painting
● Lego building
● Model building
● Candle making
● Cooking!

This is a fun idea if your friends’ interests overlap, but it can be just as enjoyable if half the group has never tried the activity!


Virtual Gift Exchange

If your group enjoys giving gifts, you can do a virtual gift exchange. The beauty of the digital world is that you can find a huge array of digital gifts, so there’s bound to be something suitable for every friend.

This is an excellent option for faraway friends, because you can easily get them something they can access and use in their own country. Here are some exciting ideas:

● Website/magazine subscriptions
● Subscription boxes
● Gift card for their favourite store
● AirBNB gift card
● Monthly membership
● Virtual classes or lessons
● Virtual experiences


Make a Donation to a Charity in Your Friends’ Names

If your friends aren’t the types to hang out virtually, you can do something thoughtful by donating to a charity in your friends’ names. This is a thoughtful gesture, especially if there’s a cause that’s close to a friend’s heart

Tips for Planning a Successful Virtual International Friendship Day

Ready to plan a virtual International Friendship Day for your friend group? It’s the perfect way to get together, no matter where you all are. Get these small things right, and you’ll have a blast!

● Choose the Right Platform: Make sure you’re using something that everyone has access to, like Google Meet or Zoom.
● Send Out Invitations in Advance: Give everyone plenty of time to make plans! Remember they need to work around family, work, and so on, as well as time differences.
●Be Prepared for Technical Difficulties: Don’t let technical issues ruin your celebration! Plan backups upfront, and troubleshoot issues on the go.
● Most Importantly, Have Fun! Relax, enjoy yourself together, and make memories.


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