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16 Mar

Night-Time Routine Tips for Female Bosses

Having a solid night-time routine is key to creating your self-employed empire. It’s way too easy to slump into bed with your phone and wait till you slowly drift off into an uncomfortable, unsettled sleep.

So, if that sounds like you, keep reading!

I’m going to share with you FIVE things you can do before you go to bed, and easily integrate into your bed-time routine to promise a better working life.

Five Night-Time Routine Ideas

You can do all the following, some of them or tweak them to meet your own personal needs.

Have a workday start time, and finish time.

Set a morning wake up time, and an afternoon finish time. Create yourself a rule to follow, for example; 8 am – 6 pm… After settling into your routine, you will find what times work best for you. Don’t continue through the night if there is something you can finish in the morning. Your mind will not stop thinking about that email you need to answer, or that comment you need to reply to. Write it down and do it tomorrow.

Create tomorrows plan.

Keeping a daily log, or a journal will help improve productivity, but also keep you in a routine. Write down the things you need to cover first, then schedule the rest of your work. You might wake up in the morning and forget that brilliant idea you had.
Time blocking is a great way to make sure you get all your tasks done.


Reflect on your day.

Using your journal, or your phone (there are lots of journaling apps!)
Write down what you think went well that day, what you’re grateful for, and what your goals are. You need to take time to practice self-care, especially when you are your own boss.


Think of the next step.

Spend some time dreaming and thinking about where you want to be. Having those active thoughts in your head draws in the law of attraction, which makes your wishes come true (it really does).
If you think about something so much, it will happen!
Speak and think what you want into existence.


Sign out!

Finally, sign out of your social media accounts (and turn off your computer) by saying goodnight to your followers, and your friends, you can do this by sharing one last post before bed, or just turn it off!
Once this is done, turn off your phone (or silence it if you need the alarm) and settle down in bed.

Make sure you have the perfect relaxing ambience, light some candles and shut the curtains.
Once you have completed all these steps, if you haven’t already; have a relaxing bath, then get into your pyjamas and chill out with a hot drink and a motivational book.

Remember to focus on why you started and think about our goals and what you want to achieve. Use your night-time routine to think about where you want to be, and to prepare yourself for another hard day working for yourself.

Charlotte Dawson

Trying to summarise myself in a bio is really hard but here we go: I write fiction novels and stories pretty much all of the time, if im not writing something I am planning it! I share all sorts to do with my life on my own blog, and I am also a freelance writer. So yeah, I do a lot of writing. I have a twin brother who is a personal trainer, and he is constantly trying to get me to lift weights and its just not happening. I love to read, and I dedicate my Instagram to books and writing. Oh, I forgot to mention I have a child too, his name is Frankie, and he's a tortoise...

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