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At Home Workouts with no Equipment

Believe it or not, it is possible to work out at home with no equipment. Your, you won’t even need a resistance band. So, get your gym gear on and make your way to the living room, garden or kitchen, wherever feels best. It’s time to get fit! 

Woman doing yoga at home

Warm Up

An essential before beginning any form exercise is stretching. So why not relieve the tension from your mind as well as your body for the ultimate warm up. With no equipment needed you can stretch your body out anywhere at home with a solid yoga routine. Yoga is a perfect way extend all our body parts, releasing any tension before working out, but also helps to release us of any stress and calm our minds. 

high quality and free app called Yoga offers you a range of flows from an energy booster to a core blast, also offering different levels form beginner to intermediate. Not only does it guide you with peaceful musicbut also shows you a step-by-step guide if a pose confuses you. What more can you ask for from this gem of a fitness app? 

So, use this as a warm up to stretch out your whole body while getting some mindful benefits or turn this into a workout of its own by completing longer and intense flows from a twist detox to an immunity booster. 


Abs are the simplest body part to work hard without equipment. You can easily blast your abs at home (without using a single kettlebell).  

The best way to create a workout that works for you is to watch and try the exercises then see what works best for you and combine them, creating your own workout. You can then make this harder by adding more reps and shortening your break between sets.  

A starting workout to create more ideas could be: 

20x Scissor Alternatives 

20x Plank twists 

20x Crunches 

20X Scissor kicks   

20x Around the worlds 

Repeated 4 times  


Legs and glutes can seem to be the most difficult to work out at home if your used to heavy machines in the gym or seeing influencers using their resistance bands and kettlebells. However instead of purchasing a resistance band why not just make your workout more intense?  

There are plenty of at home exercises for legs that don’t require any equipment and can be pulled together to create a killer set. Exercises you could try include; Kickbacks (which might need a little more space)fire hydrants are a great way to wake your glutes up and start any workout; squats, the exercise everyone is familiar with, yet one that always guarantees a burn; glute bridges which you can make even more intense by trying single leg bridges and standing abductors are the perfect way to feel a burn and replace a machine we often use in the gym 

Adding extra reps or holding a pulse for longer will add intense burn to all of the above exercises, making for a killer leg workout. 

It can be super easy to create an intense workout at home with no equipment at all by upping your reps and keeping it low rest. So don’t feel the need to purchase any at home equipment this summer. You’ve got this on your own! 


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