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1 Jan

Your January Sex & Relationships Horoscope

New yea, new you” is the majority of the populations’ motto during January, but in 2020 it’s really going to deliver. It’s all or nothing for most of you guys this month, but the main focus is absolutely about self-love.

Basically, if Lizzo would approve, then you should be doing it.


New year, new you Aries. You may be known as one of the most confident signs, but even you suffer from self-doubt at times – just like the rest of us. A shock to know you’re not suffering alone, I know. But January is the time to change all of this, and focus on loving yourself. It’s a month of progress, achievement, and success, so you need to start believing in yourself gal because this is the time to make things happen! Your love planet, Venus, is pulling out all the stops to make your beauty shine, and your sense of style pave the way for 2020 fashion. Plus, a lil’ birdy told me your sensual desires will be fulfilled, so dust down the sexy underwear because it might just get some use soon.


Hey good news Taurus’: Venus is coming your way. Yup, that’s right, the planet of all things love and beauty is moving its way through your chart, making those first few days of the new decade prime for budding relationships. But love isn’t just about sex, and relationships don’t just mean romantic partners. It’s also a great time for you to widen your circle, and maybe set about making some new friends. I know, I know, dealing with new personalities is a lot to manage, but it’ll be a lot easier on the 8th so take the time and invite the new girl in the office for a coffee. She’ll definitely thank you for it.


The moon moves into Gemini on the 8th, making this the best time of year for you to have a boogie, a rave, a ruckus, a party – whatever you want to call it. Make sure to invite that cute guy you’ve had your eye on this cuffing season, as this really is the season to shine. Everyone wants a piece of you girl! Even that fittie in the office who sits across from you, who you can’t help flirting with. He might not have made his move at the Christmas party, but he’s about to now.

PSA: if you are in a relationship, be careful. It’s a tricky season all round, and your about to feel all kinds of agitated, picking fights. It’s stormy, it’s volatile, and if you make it through it’ll be one of those times you look back on at your wedding and say: “it wasn’t always an easy ride…”. You’ve just got to make it through first.


Love is not on the cards this month Capricorn, sorry to be the bearer of bad news (or good news, possibly?). you’re finding your feet with this new year, new decade, and the rest, and your independence is soaring. Seriously girl, you’re glowing this month, and you can credit it all to yourself, and your newfound self-reliance. Use this time to focus on your surroundings, and self-love. Relationships come later, and you know it, so use this confidence to stay in control and start making some solid progress towards your goals.


Wow Romeo calm down, your Juliet will be on her way in January. Seriously, cool it, your intensity will put her off.

You’ve had a rough year Aquarius, to put it lightly. But January is very much the light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re about to be quite literally swept off your feet. With a strong urge for some domestic bliss, it wouldn’t be surprising if you fell into a long-term relationship this month – which can be scary for your commitment phobic ass, but it is what it is. Just don’t run away scared like usual, yeah?


You’re entering 2020 strong, independent, and powerful, and we are HERE for it. Relationship goals are virtually non-existent as you strive towards those career goals and maintaining your newfound independence. This will all come to a head right at the end of the month as Uranus sweeps through your chart, signalling the time for you to start doing things your own way – or not at all. Stop letting people push you around, Pisces.

It’s going to be complicated for love, because you’ll be putting it on a back burner in pursuit of your other life goals – but this isn’t sustainable long-term. Sure, you’re going to get a lot of action, and what better way to start the new decade (how very Gatsby of you), but you’re

going to spend most of the month running away from love that is definitely pursuing you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day by the sounds of it.


Listen Libra, you work well with other people. Hell, you thrive with other people. So, you want to succeed? Get coupled up. At least for a little while.

Just bear with me on this one. Love in January is going to be close to home, and leave you feeling happy and content. That doesn’t mean you have to give up anything about yourself, and it doesn’t mean it’ll be boring. It means you can look forward to love, social bliss, optimism, creativity, and everything else that you enjoy – all with the company of another person.

You’ll find love close to home, but there might be a holiday romance on the cards. Just be cautious that if you are jetting off, you won’t be bringing anything – or anyone – back home.


It’s a quiet month for you Scorpios, which is good because you are a whirlwind most of the time. Mostly you need to focus on your career, and your home life is going to a be a little dramatic, but your love life is going to stay pretty much the same. Gutted if you’re single. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a bit of…fun, shall we say, it just

won’t lead to anything serious. And if it does, you’ll meet them at work, or through colleagues, so be cautious.

Mind your temper and your emotions until the 14th, because you’re going to be quick to react and regret it later. Maybe ask a few people’s opinions before you send that 2am booty call Insta DM? We’ve all been there.


It’s all about thinking ahead this January, which we know isn’t something you’re very good given that you prefer to take life as it comes and see what happens. However, the start of 2020 will leave you feeling very unprepared for what’s coming, and you’ll realise that maybe planning your life a little is an attractive quality for a potential partner? To be honest, sounds like you’ve found someone worth investing in, and you need to do what you can to keep them.

Don’t take this as a sign you’re going to lose your carefully cultivated independence – quite the opposite, as pretty much all of the planets are in your eastern sector this month, leaving you feeling incredibly independent and free willed. No, it just means that you’ve got an amazing window of opportunity, and if you plan carefully you could land on something great – in your love life, and in the bedroom. Just don’t get too caught up in a competition between pleasing yourself and pleasing someone else – which is something that’s going to come to a head around the 14th.


Good news Cancers: sex is definitely on the cards for January. In fact, it’s one of your important sectors/interests for the start of 2020 (including debt, repayment, health and work, but we’re less fussed about these). Plus, to go alongside this, your personal appearance and body image is one area you’re going to feel incredibly fulfilled – and no, we don’t mean you’re going to hit the gym and get lip fillers. We mean you’re going to accept the way you look, realise you are a fierce QUEEN and there is honestly nothing sexier.

A key date for January is the 18th, when things in your love life will start to become a bit clearer. We’re not going to sugar-coat it: the start of 2020 is not kind to your love life. But it

will lead to new attitudes and better partners, so it’s worth it. If you’re single, probably don’t even bother – just stick to going out with friends.


Love really is all take and no give from you isn’t it, Leo? Well, in January it is anyway. Mars is your planet this month, leading you to be aggressive and decisive in what you want in all aspects of your life, but especially in love. It’ll be happy and exciting and fun, until it isn’t, but you’re feeling fickle this month Leos so any heartache (we doubt there’ll be much) won’t last for long.

Basically, whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single, this month is all about love, romance, sex, and fun. Which, luckily, go hand in hand.

Oh and, FYI, if you are single, maybe try your luck with some online romance. Re-download Tinder or give Hinge a try, maybe even clear out those requested DMs on Insta. You never know what you might find.


Be wary this month Virgo, because January is not looking plain sailing in the love department. You need to keep your goals limited this month; the planets will guide you through your day to day – always focussing on the goals, as usual – while you focus on romance. Ish.

Overall, love is happy; stay on guard on the 11th and 12th as there’s a Grand Trine in Air that’s bringing with it some arty, mysterious guy to sweep you off your feet. Maybe break your heart, undecided yet. Check back in February.

There’s also hidden secrets coming out, snakes in the grass. Sure, these secrets aren’t all bad, but when are they ever all good? You’ll learn a lot, but just trust that you need to get through it because sex, love, and relationships all part of the paths you need to get where you want to be. They’ll lead to unity, eventually, and you have to trust the process. Sorry Virgos, we know how much you love to be in control.

Alex Wright

I’m a freelance writer and digital artist working in marketing and social media. I’m an avid animal lover, protector of bees, flexi-vegan (don’t ask) and a self-proclaimed feminist queen. You’ll probably find me standing awkwardly at the bar getting a little too drunk during social events.

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