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Your Guide to Mastering the January Sales

Whether hitting the sales online or in store, you need all the tips and tricks you can get for this month’s mayhem.  Organisation is the key to mastering the madness this January. 


Start looking online and forming lists before the sales even start, take screenshots of your favourite pieces, or favourite them on the shopping app, keep them in your mind. This will help you either easily add the item into your shopping bag when it hits the sale online or know exactly what you’re looking for when heading into store. Preparing some form of list beforehand of things you actually want, gives you the time to be 100% sure on each item before impulse buying and helps direct you away from the array of distraction stock in store. 


Be sure to have your wants all favourited in the shops app so you can swiftly add them all into your basket and checkout to make sure you’re not faced with disappointment. Having the brands app on your phone also allows you to make an account and save in all your details ready to order, so you can easily grab your favs for less in under minute without filling out all the boring deets. Go back in the sale and look after you have secured your favs, you might just catch a gem without losing your carefully selected wish list in the meantime! (P.S Remember most online shopping apps or websites won’t hold the item in your bag until your order is through!) 


No this is not just a CV skill. Sale shopping isn’t a pleasant or easy experience, especially the January sales with everyone racing to spend their Christmas gift cards and pennies. Parking will be harder, shops will be crowded and isles will be messier. So, make your life easier and plan aheadBe there early to get a good parking spot, wear something comfortable and cool, and pop a mask on and take plenty of gel if that will make you feel more comfortable in the busy stores. 

'Be sure to have your wants all favourited in the shop’s app so you can swiftly add them all into your basket.'


Try to stick to pieces that have your heart rather that just buying something as it’s so cheap, which will probably end up in the back of your wardrobe never worn. Keep focused on the gems your heart haalways been set on. High fashion pieces and garments at cheap prices can make anyone weak at the knees but stay strong! Remember, there’s a reason this outdated style is in the sale and why it never caught your eye before the price tag dropped. 


Sale items will get treated terribly in the hot mess of the store, from being left on the floor to being manhandled by 30 others. You need to ensure you check a piece before you buy. Keep an eye out for any makeup stains, rips, missing buttons, broken zips and bobbles.  


Always check the size of the item on the actual garment as well as just the hanger, in the midst of the madness, clothes will get thrown left, right and centre and end up on new hangers of every size. Always check the tag sewn into the garment before you get home! Even with shoes, don’t be leaving with a size 5 and a size 8! You’re safe from this when shopping online and have the ease of trying on in your own home. 


If you’re serious about getting your wish list, begin by prioritising. Which items from which brand or shop do you want the most? Make sure they are you go to as soon as the sale hits. Be sure to have the apps open and ready for the time the sale starts, always check you’re logged in with all your info and even have the sizes selected ready, anything to make it that bit quicker and easier to grab and virtually checkout! 


Remember, just have fun! January sales can be hectic and crazy but stay lighthearted and enjoy the mayhem! 


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