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World Environment Day: What You Can Do To Make a Difference

It’s World Environment Day! You’re probably tired of hearing about climate change and how flying avos and quinoa around the world is killing the planet. While it’s true that the planet is in crisis, many people have no idea how they can help in a practical way, which means most of us end up… Well, just carrying on without thinking about it.  

We’re all guilty of it to some degree! And it’s not always viable to go all in and make huge, significant changes to our lifestyles, especially when we’re often alone in doing it. But the good news is that you CAN make a positive difference by making a few small changes 


This World Environment Day, why not reflect on some areas in your life where you can take a stand and make a little change? You don’t need to go throwing soup at artworks or giving impassioned speeches to rooms full of politicians… But you can make a start with some slight shifts in your everyday life.  

Sustainable Fashion

We all have our favourite fashion brands and styles. But you might be a little horrified to learn what a huge impact fashion has on the environment!  


  • Water Wastage: One pound (0.5kg) of cotton takes around 6000 to 10000 litres of water to produce! Considering the world is heading for a water shortage, that’s a serious problem for the environment.  
  • Air Pollution: Chemical dyes used in clothing production can release harmful pollutants into the air, especially when used in mass production.  
  • Landfill Waste: Close to 100 million tons of textiles and fabrics are thrown away every year… And most of it takes decades or more to decompose.  


The key to making a difference? Choose sustainable fashion brands. They’re more common than you think, so here are some UK-based brands you may want to consider switching to this World Environment Day.  

The world is heading for a water shortage, that’s a serious problem for the environment.

Green Beauty

Clothing isn’t the only thing that can damage the environment. While you’re taking care of your skin, those same products could be harming the planet! Like the clothing industry, manufacturing beauty products has a harsh impact on the planet we love.  

  • Animal testing: Although this happens less today, it’s still a reality.  
  • Toxic chemicals: Some chemicals found in beauty products are harmful to the environment.  
  • Waste products: The packing of beauty products often ends up in landfill… Where they can sit for literally centuries.  


The good news is that there are some excellent sustainable, cruelty-free beauty brands out there! Switch to one of these to make a difference to the world and keep your skin glowing.  

Eco-Friendly Travel

Planning on travelling this year? You can also tweak your travel slightly to make it a little more eco-friendly without making huge changes to your schedule or lifestyle.  


  • Walk where you can… Or try a bike!  
  • Use public transport where possible.  
  • Find eco-friendly accommodation options.  
  • Use digital documents if you can.  
  • Eat local foods and support local farmers.  
  • Clean up litter.  
  • Leave it as you found it!  

Don’t think little actions don’t count. You may be just one person, but making small changes like these can have a ripple effect. The more people start supporting sustainable brands, the more sustainable brands will start coming out, and possibly the more large brands will start making environmentally-friendly changes.  


Make some of these changes and you can move forward knowing that you’re doing your bit to protect this amazing planet we live on!  


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