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19 Oct

Work From Home Beauty Treatments

The effects of lockdown still sees many of us working from home. Whilst you might not necessarily choose to wear a full face of makeup every day, there are lots of things you can do to still feel your best whilst working from home. If lockdown has taught us anything, it is to appreciate the little things in life and now more than ever, it is important that we are doing things that make us feel good about ourselves.

Here are five beauty treatments you can incorporate into your week whilst you WFH 

Feet Masks 

The perfect opportunity to soften and nourish your feet and the best part about it – nobody will even know you have your feet sheet masks on. I highly recommend the Seoulista Beauty Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure”. Pop them on and allow the serum to infuse for at least 30 minutes and end your day with super silky feet. 

Facial Massage 

One way to utilise those extra few minutes between zoom calls is making time for a little athome facial massage. With so many benefits from increasing circulation and blood flow, achieving a glowy complexion; improving skin texture and fine lines and just making you feel relaxed with indulgent aromatherapy oils. You can use any product you want, whether you choose to opt for a beautiful rose facial oil or just your everyday moisturiser. There are plenty of routines to follow on YouTube too. 

Body Butter 

With no commute to work, why not spend a few more moments indulging in your favourite body butter or oil.  Allow your skin to work whilst you do and leave the “office” hydrated. I love the ‘NUXE Melting Honey Body Oil Balm’ which has a beautiful transformative texture melting from a balm to an oil leaving skin super soft. 


…because we only wear SPF on days ending in y”. Unless you are working from home in a windowless room, remember to always wear sunscreen. UV Rays can still penetrate through glass so wearing high factor sunscreen as part of your everyday routine will prevent signs of ageing.  

Remember to Cleanse 

Skincare is self-care. You might not be wearing make up every day but when it is time to put the laptop away, wind down by pampering yourself, cleansing the day away, giving your skin the treat it deserves for making it through the day and it will thank you for it. 


Give the world the best of you and if you put yourself at the top of that todo list, the rest will fall into place.

Charlie Hopewell

I am a self-confessed, aesthetically obsessed beauty lover with 10 years hands on experience working as a beauty and skincare therapist and educator. A lover of life's luxuries, I've invested a lot of time trying and testing new products, travelling globally to spas and salons around the world. Throughout my time in the industry, I've had the exciting jobs of working my magic to glam up models on editorial shoots, as part of TV Shows, for prestigious beauty and fashion brands, learning many backstage secrets which is how bycharloubeauty launched. Specialising in Skincare, Spray Tanning and Skin Finishing, my aim is to be my clients and readers personal beauty editor, sharing my industry knowledge, expertise, and experience as well as helping you select products and beauty treatments that work for you, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.

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