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9 Mar

Why You Need To Get Over It

March 9th is National Get Over It day and whilst the sentiment may sound rather blasé, perhaps there are some things on your mind that are getting in your way… If so, read on.

What is it?

Most of our problems stem from different areas of our lives: work, relationships, friendships, self image and so on. What one needs to do is assess the ‘it’ and if it is worth fighting for. Fallen out with a friend? Make up. Or maybe it signifies the end. Is it time to get closure and move on? The same may go for a relationship you haven’t quite got over. The other person may have moved on, but have you? Assess the feelings, find a focus and start the healing process.

Social Media

Social media sometimes feels like the digital elephant in the room. How many of our problems and issues stem from social media? If it’s not the pressures of image from Instagram, it’s the milestones on Facebook making us feel less that. That’s why here at Cohorted, we implore you to get over it. No one cares as much as you. Didn’t get the promotion you wanted? Get over it. Find a new job, go somewhere that will treat you right. The same goes for Instagram. Jealous you’re not on that person’s trip (you know the one from high school who you never really liked anyway)? Unfollow them. Delete them. Block them. Book your own vacation and go for you.

Sometimes we like to keep things around that hurt us. We’re not sure why but sometimes it takes opening up and admitting your feelings to begin the ‘letting go’ journey.

Will this matter in the future?

At the end of the day, whatever your going through – your feelings are valid. But feelings are just that, temporary emotional states. Sometimes you need be rational and think to yourself ‘will this matter in the future?’. If it won’t matter in a week, month or five year’s time, it’s best to get over and move on. As ‘they’ say, there is no point harboring negative energy anyway.

Char xo

Charlotte Haynes

I have been in and out the Bloggersphere since the days of LiveJournal and when Tumblr was the originally ‘cool’ blogging platform. Over the years, this industry has changed so much, I do question if I am actually part of it or if I’m on the outskirts looking in. I wouldn’t say I was your ‘typical’ blogger either. I don’t care about getting the perfect flat lay or feeling bad for not posting, I just enjoy writing. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Anyway, I love to travel, indulge in a glass of white wine, when plans are cancelled and purchase overpriced makeup. I guess that’s me in a nutshell, trying to figure out this thing called life, have fun and never lose sight.

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