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Why I’m Glad I Shaved My Head

Wanting to shave my head was an urge I’d been resisting for years – now I’ve done it my only regret is not doing it sooner.  

Lockdown gave many women the confidence to finally say goodbye to their hair and embrace the buzzcut. After all, what did it matter? We were all inside – the old rules of how women ‘should’ look no longer applied. The head shave can be a great way to reclaim control of our bodies, reject beauty standards, give ourselves a change, express part of our identity or just boost confidence.  

I had years of cutting my hair shorter and shorter, never quite daring to get rid of all of it. I don’t know what pushed me to finally commit. I think I’d just had one lockdown DIY home haircut too many. I admittedly had a leg up – my housemate had clippers already.

Even once I was sure I wanted to do it, I was worried for lots of reasons. What if it turns out my head is a really weird shape? What if my hair is the source of my power? What if I’m not attractive without it? And the big one: what will people think?  

The answer to all of these questions is the same and became clear once I’d done it.  


So much of our worth as women is tied to our appearance and by extension our hair. It’s incredibly liberating to remove that source of judgement – from ourselves and others. In the days immediately after the shave, I caught myself worrying out of habit about how my hair looked, as I have done my whole life, before remembering it was all in the bin, and I didn’t have to think about it. It was a good feeling. 

Something about cutting off chunks of hair and letting it fall to the floor to get it short enough to shave, and then of course the shaving itself, was incredibly satisfying. It felt like a rebellion, even though it was my hair. It’s easy to forget sometimes that our hair and our bodies belong to us, and we can do what we want with them, regardless of what societal beauty ideals may say. 

I feel more confident than I ever have because there’s nothing for me to hide behind. Turns out my face is just a face, and my head is just the shape of a head! I have no choice but to be fine with it, which is incredibly empowering. I will say that since ditching my hair I have become much more skincare focused, but this is just another upside. I was guilty of neglecting my skin before, whereas now I’m enjoying it as a form of self-care in all the time I’ve freed up for myself. 

That’s another plus: free time! Longer in bed, no more faffing with products and hairdryers and no more constantly needing to be aware of what day hair I’m on. I just get out of the shower and dry my head with a towel! I’d never realised how much of my day styling and thinking about my hair took up.  

So if you are considering it, I recommend it fully. It’s definitely worth trying at least once. Be careful in the sun though – I learned that the hard way!  


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