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Which Star Sign Pairings Have The Best Sex

A year filled with anxiety and uncertainty has led to a colossal boom in the popularity of astrology as people sought comfort in the stars. Everyone knows their sun sign, but did you know there’s a placement that can tell us all about our sexual energy?

Enter the Mars sign. This is the zodiac sign that Mars was in at the time of your birth. The planet is named after the Roman god of war. Fittingly, this placement tells us about our ambitions, our passions and what drives us- including our sex drive.  

When it comes to sexual compatibility, looking at the Mars signs of you and your partner will reveal a lot. Your Venus signs (romantic desires) and moon signs (emotional needs) will also play a big part in your synastry, so be sure to check out your whole chart! For now, here is a brief overview of the Mars signs to get a greater understanding of what makes each sign tick in the bedroom.  


Mars is right at home in fiery Aries because it functions as the ruling planet of the sign. Stamina is characteristic for individuals with this placement, and they are fierce and assertive. They know what they want and they will probably get it- and this transcends to the bedroom. Instinct and impulsive passions drive this fire sign, so make sure to keep them on their toes.  


What turns them on: spontaneity  

Compatible signs: Leo, Libra and Aries.


Earthy Taurus values stability. Mars is in its detriment in this sign, making those with this placement more passive. Less intensity isn’t necessarily bad though as Mars in Taurus leads to sensual sexual energy. If you’re pursuing a Taurus mars, make sure you’re ready to play the long game because they are willing to wait for the right match. 


What turns them on: material possessions 

Compatible signs: Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio  


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini mars loves to talk. People with this placement are easily bored, so they need a match that is going to keep them interested. Because of this, you might want to try finding ways to change things up during sex to satiate their need for variety.  


What turns them on: dirty talk 

Compatible signs: Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini 


Cancer placements tend to be sensitive, sweet and they value safety with a sexual partner. Sex can create an intensely emotional connection for this ultra-intuitive water sign. It may take them a while to open up to you, but they value the confidence of somebody who is willing to put in the effort. 


What turns them on: being romanced  

Compatible signs: ScorpioPisces and Capricorn 


All Leo placements live for the performance and Leo mars like to make the bed their stage. The ever-playful Leo won’t take themselves too seriously but they do demand constant attention and affirmation that the connection is real. Be willing to give a lot of energy to Leo Mars individuals, but know that the resultant fireworks show will be worth it.  


What turns them on: adoration 

Compatible signs: Leo and Aquarius, Aries 


Virgo strives to be good at everything and this energy seeps into their sex life. Pragmatism and practicality come naturally to Virgo Mars, and they desire a sexual partner with mental intellect to excite them. Earth signs tend to be pretty chill, but Virgo placements can be quite tightly wound, so they need an outlet to release this tension.   


What turns them on: sexting 

Compatible signs: Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces 


The scales are non-negotiable for Libra placements and they will be hauled into the bedroom, where they strive for an equal give and take partnership. Perceived as people-pleasers, Libra Mars individuals are willing to go along with what their partner wants as long as they maintain balance. The Venusian energy of Libra means they’re super into aesthetics and they will be attracted to well-dressed partners.  


What turns them on: roleplay 

Compatible signs: Aquarius, Aries and Libra 


Scorpio is notoriously the sexiest sign, right? Mars is at home in this sign and any sexual encounter with a Scorpio Mars will be intense and unforgettable. If you’ve ever been seduced by someone who seems to know exactly what you want, it was probably by the intuitive Scorpio Mars.  


What turns them on: foreplay 

Compatible signs: Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio 


For Sagittarius Mars, sexual pleasure comes from the thrill of adventure. Their fiery nature makes them impulsive, direct and impatient. Individuals with this placement do not want a tantalising chase, but they will tell you exactly what they want. At times, they may be slightly selfish in bed, but they are always willing to provide a good time.  


What turns them on: adventure 

Compatible with: Gemini, Leo and Aries 


The goal-oriented Capricorn Mars is attracted to experience and simplicity. They like to be in control and find gratification in playing the long game. Known for their willingness to put in the work makes Capricorn a desirable long-term partner.  


What turns them on: scents 

Compatible signs: Virgo, Taurus and Cancer


Aquariuses have a reputation for being quite emotionally detached but will come alive with the right sexual partner. This air sign is willing to let others take the lead but they enjoy putting their big brains to use when experimenting with new things. The need for individuality is vital for both Aquarius mars and their partner.  


What turns them on: experimentation 

Compatible signs: Libra, Leo and Gemini 



Like all water signs, Pisces Mars are incredibly emotionally motivated. They have a tendency to just go with the flow, but they want to develop a strong bond with any potential sexual partners. Pisces placements are known for being dreamy and like to bring their sexual fantasies to life.  


What turns them on: eye contact 

Compatible signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo 


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