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Wearable Technology to Enhance Fitness Training

2021 is here and with an increase in people dedicating their first new year resolutions to becoming healthier, we see technological advancements attach themselves to said industries. The result is wearable fitness technology.

So, what is Wearable Technology?  

Wearable Technology, also known as “wearables”, is a type of electronic device that can be worn as an accessory or embedded in clothingThese devices are hands-free gadgets, powered by microprocessors and are able to send and receive data via the internet. 


The benefits of wearable fitness technology when exercising are countless. Firstly, it keeps track of your progress and helps you set personal goals. In working towards achievable fitness goals, your productivity and motivation are increased. The result is a healthier and more efficient lifestyle 


Whether you’re a gym freak, a hiking addict or simply want to get into a better fitness routine this new year, there is bound to be fitness wearable perfect for you! 


The Apple Watch Series 6 combines great design aesthetic with impeccable specs and a set of impressive new features. These include “bloody oxygen measurement” and “ECG” (electrocardiogram  a simple test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity). 

This watch has the distinct advantage of pairing nicely with both Android and iOS devices. 

You only need to charge it for 12 minutes to have a full day’s battery life! 

This watch has different features to track your fitness according to the type of exercise, to give you the most accurate data. Some of these features include high-speed water sportstrail running, golfing, bouldering, skiing and even a gym session. 


NADI X designs high tech yoga attire. It can sense when your yoga poses need refining and sends small vibrations to let you know when an adjustment to a pose needs to be made. They connect to the NADI X app where you can curate your own yoga class and optimise each pose with feedback from the clothing.  

This range of clothing works on absorbing body heat and turning it into Far Infrared Light that reflects back onto the wearer’s skin. This encourages muscle recovery and enhances relaxation.  

Sensoria Socks have advanced textile sensors which connect to an ankle device and detect precise data on how your foot lands when running or walking. When connected to the app you can determine where to improve on your technique, as well as track your steps and distance travelled to an exact figure.  

These swimsuits are not only stylish, but they possess an incredible high-tech functionality by integrating UV sensors. These detect and send an alert to your phone when UV levels are high and sunscreen should be applied. The Neviano app also takes into consideration different skin tones to customise the alerts 


These goggles have embedded a fitness tracker for both pool and open water exercise, with a see-through display that shows your metrics whilst swimming.  

An open-ear sound system, tucked into the earpieces, allows you to enjoy music or podcasts while staying aware of your surroundings. The sound is hardly audible to others around you and it has functions to make or receive calls or access Siri, thanks to the built-in microphone. 

Solos are designed with cyclists and runners in mind. The perfect wraparound shades that track and monitor your stats such as speed, elevation and time by connecting to your mobile fitness apps.  

As these advancements in our day-to-day life take place, we can see an enhanced progress in overall fitness and improved mental health. Technology allows us to keep track of our progress and predict where we need to go. This makes it much simpler to stick to those fitness goals / resolutions that we have set out for ourselves this new year. 


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