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Useful Apps for your Health & Mindfulness

If you’re looking for an app to support your wellbeing, you have plenty of options. Here we share our pick of the best wellbeing, sleep and meditation apps. 

Even though I‘m an advocate for less screen time, I understand that almost everything is done via our phones these days. From communicating with friends, watching films and even sourcing our next workout. So instead of contradicting myself, I will note the importance of using our phones mindfully instead of aimlessly scrolling through the things that aren’t serving us. 

With the power of todays technology, we are considerably lucky that we have access to so many resources on and offline, for little or no cost at all. Our wellbeing is an essential part of our everyday lives. If you’re looking for an app to support your wellbeing, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

The Spa-Porter App

This is a home wellness studio. It’s not exactly an app, but just an easily accessible platform that you can use across all of your devices. This is a personal favourite because it covers other factors of your wellbeing. This is where I found my love for yoga and pilates. This app has given me the chance to really challenge my mind and body at home. Spa-Porter really has allowed me to tune in with my spiritual well-being through the meditationssound baths and other practices that are included on the video library. This isn’t one to miss. 

A standard monthly membership is £9.99 with a current ‘1-week free trial’.  

Deliciously Ella App

Ultimately this was mainly used for the incredible vegan recipes (I’m not vegan but they’re not to be missed). But it’s another allrounder, focusing on your physical health just as much as your mental health. As you navigate your way through the app you will see how Deliciously Ella is able to provide full support from nutrition, mindfulness, physical workouts and an incredible in-app podcast to stimulate your minds activity.  

This is £9.99 for the year or £0.99 per month! – What a bargain 

Calm App

This is an extremely popular app that you might already know of, but it has to be ranked in the top 4 because of how great it really is. If I talk to anyone about their favourite wellness app, Calm will always be up there. It has actually been voted as the #1 app for meditation. Calm is great for all ages so you can get all of your friends and family on board. 

The app covers an entire directory of wellness, which is useful for all areas of your life. Improving your sleep, focus, productivity. Reduces stress and anxiety and much more. It really is a great app to keep in your pocket. 

You can try Calm for a 7-day free trial. You can then sign up for £28.99/year 

Jour App

Last & certainly not least, Jour. Once you download this app you have a mini assessment, and it will automatically find you a plan that will suit you. What I love about this app is that it’s like an ‘on the go’ journal. If you’re not really one to journal, I‘m certain you’ll want to after this. It is jampacked full of guidesexpert advice, and mindfulness techniques. You can also track moods and it will detect trends to coach you to a healthier mindful life. 

You can download this app for £3.33 per month or £39.99/year – This also includes a 7-day free trail.  

Free trials are a great way to test out apps and get a feel for them, especially if you’re looking to buy an annual subscription. Make most of the access and ask yourself if it would benefit you and what you’re looking for. Remember your health shows up in different forms. You want to get the most from a purchase and only you know what will suit you and your lifestyle. There are hundreds of apps for different areas of your life and there are many other apps that touch upon a bit of everything. 

Schedule time in your day to work on your personal wellbeing, even if it’s for 10 minutes in the morning or right before bed. Just remember, the beauty of our health and wellbeing is that there’s never a right or wrong time for it. Self-care is a 24/7 ideal. It can be used throughout the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed or even if you’re feeling over the moon with happiness.  



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