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Transitioning Back Into The Gym Post-Lockdown

We spoke with personal trainer and gym owner Meg Fynn about how to transition back into the gym environment and the future of fitness…

The gym has been something lots of us have missed dearly over the past year, and we are all looking forward to getting back there after April 12th (in England).  Being introduced to home workouts this time last year was daunting, and I for one was ready to give up on my gym progress as I had no equipment available. Although I have majorly surprised myself with how creative and productive home workouts can be, like many I am looking forward to stepping back into my gym to level up my training. We spoke with personal trainer and gym owner Meg Fynn (@movebymeg) about how to transition back into the gym environment and the future of fitness.

Hey Meg! What would your advice be to those returning to the gym on April 12th after training at home for the last 6 months?

Take it steady!  Even if you’ve been keeping active at home, jumping in at the deep end with your weights, sets and reps could be a recipe for disaster. No matter how excited you are to be back at the barbell, recognise your body may not be as adapted to this stimulus as it once was. Start with just 2-3 sessions initially and build up both your volume and weights to avoid injury or some serious DOMS.  

Should people be changing/altering their nutrition after returning to training in a gym?

Returning to the gym is a great time to re-assess your fitness, health and body composition goals. You can reflect on the past year and steer where you want to go next. Depending on your goals (fat loss, muscle gain or performance-based goals) you may need to adjust your nutrition to compliment your training plan and get you to your desired result. This would also be a great time to consult with a coach or spend some time looking at evidence-based sources (books, article and podcasts) to help guide you with the nutrition that will best support your goals.  

If someone has gone back to the gym and over-exhausted themselves, what would your advice be?

A lot of clients think they grow muscle within their ‘heavy lifting’ session. This is untrue – the training session is just the stimulus for muscle growth – it’s is in your sleep, recovery and nutrition where your body actually performs its muscle growth.  Try to include this as part of your new fitness schedule. Make time for adequate warmups and cool downs in your gym sessions (I’m a huge fan of adding in a form or yoga, Pilates or stretching at least once per week).  

Do you think the past year has changed the fitness and gym industry?

Absolutely! I think clients have much more appreciation for what is achievable at home and how much they can do with limited kit. There will always be a place for gyms; the energy of a training environment or the buzz of a fitness class. Whilst training in a gym gives you access to more kit and the ability to follow a more varied programme the pros of home training mean it can be a huge time saver for those with a busy schedule – not to mention you can literally do it in your pyjamas. I think going forward lots of clients will benefit from a ‘hybrid’ programme, allowing them the combine both home and gym and get the best of both environments.  


Sowith April 12th coming around fast, we hope this insight may help and educate some people on returning back to the gyms. Check out @movebymeg on Instagram for more tips, support and workout ideas, and wishing everyone happy training!  


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