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Top Motherhood Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of getting first-hand experience of motherhood and the trials and tribulations that it brings along. There are so many wonderful podcasts to listen to which help answer your burning baby related queries, offer advice on techniques and products, and speak to celebrities giving personal accounts of birth and the early days.  

Podcasts are the easiest way to digest all of this. You can listen whilst still going about all your usual, daily activities whether that’s cleaning, cooking or driving.  

Here are some of our faves at the minute… 

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Probably the most famous mummy podcast, this show is hosted by Giovanna Fletcher. She conducts open and warm-hearted conversations about all aspects of pregnancy and parenthood with a range of different celebrity guests. What we love about this podcast is the idea that no topic is out of bounds whether that be highs, lows, challenges or rewards. It is perfect for any parent seeking solidarity and support while trying to figure out the impossible task of parenthood.  

Mothers’ Meeting

Hosted by yummy mummy herself, Louise Pentland, this podcast is amazing for discovering the mum hacks of Britain’s most-loved mums. She interviews celeb guests and takes a dive into their personal struggles and parenting styles. Each episode is around half an hour long meaning they are great for sticking on during the school run. 

Bump, Baby & Beyond

If you are currently pregnant, you will have no doubt heard about the fantastic company, Emma’s Diary. Emma’s Diary is a network which offers help to new mums and mums-to-be by working alongside the Royal College of Midwives to supply you with the best current practices, product recommendations and much more! Their podcast focuses on a new subject of motherhood each week, such as breastfeeding, choosing the right pram for you and learning to love your new body. This is the perfect podcast for finding your feet with all things pregnancy and motherhood as it offers some amazing advice.  

Crib Notes – Things Parents Google at 3am

We have all been there! Whether you have woken up from worry or have insomnia after the night-time feed, mums google everything about their new baby just to double check. This medical podcast, hosted by paediatrician Sarah Blackstock and broadcaster Rick Kelsey, answers all of these middle of the night queries with expert voices on children’s medical problems. Topics include baby development, the first weeks with your newborn and nutrition so your question is sure to get covered! 


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