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12 Sep

Top Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade, meaning there are fresh beauty topics that are set to trend. Whether you’re just a beauty lover or simply curious, there’s plenty to look out for in the industry this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here are the top beauty trends to look out for in 2020.

Anti-pollution skincare

We all know how environmental pollutants can be incredibly damaging to the skin. Prolonged exposure can speed up the ageing process prematurely and can also trigger breakouts, which is annoying to deal with if you have oily and spot-prone skin. The good news is that many beauty brands are now formulating skincare products that are designed to protect your face against ‘city skin’, working as a shield against those nasty pollutants.

Men’s beauty boom

Men’s grooming is a trend that has somewhat emerged over the last decade, but it’s set to take precedence in 2020. Now a multi-billion-pound worldwide industry, there are plenty of men’s skincare, hair and fragrance products to choose from. So for men, you can take your pick, get in on the grooming action, and start looking and feeling your best.

Brightly coloured mascara

Nothing makes your eyes ‘pop’ and stand out more than a bit of colourful mascara or eyeshadow, so it’s exciting to see that brightly-coloured mascara will be making a return this year. Just in time for spring/summer to make your eyelashes look amazing. Start to experiment with pastel blue and mint green shades, get your lashes summer-ready with orange and yellow hues, get firey with red mascara or add a touch of ‘femininity’ with pink and lilac colours. Also, give pastel-coloured eyeliner a try, which is set to become another beauty trend in 2020.

And speaking of eyelashes, enhanced lashes are set to be all the rage, so the bigger the better.

Eyeshadow, eyeshadow, and more eyeshadow

There are a series of eyeshadow trends that are set to dominate the industry this year. First of all, the red smokey eye will be the go-to eye look for evening glamour and the perfect choice for those who want to recreate a smokey eye with a pop of colour.

For those of you who want to get quirky with your eye looks, mismatched eyeshadow will also be a hit this year. Though it’s rather unusual, it will be a great way to add a fancy touch to your eyes. And for those who want to add eyeshadow to their eye routine, but just a subtle touch, watercoloured eyeshadow is definitely the way forward.

The light pink lip

Even though the bold-coloured lip has been a successful makeup trend over the past few years, thanks to brands such as Fenty Beauty, Colourpop, NYX Professional Makeup and Kylie Cosmetics, 2020 will be all about bringing back the subtle lip tint, to give your lips a healthy hint of light pink hues.

Alternatively, faded brown lip shades will be a go-to choice for many who desire a much more natural look and a different option to the staple nude lipstick.

Get the gloss

The matte liquid lipstick has been a favourite for many beauty lovers for quite some time, but this year will see the return of the glossy lip. With many lipgloss products that are now formulated with nourishing and moisturising properties, you can be sure to give your lips a smooth, shiny and glossy finish.


Highlighting, contouring, baking, priming, bronzing, strobing… unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past decade then you would most-definitely have heard these makeup terms. Highlighting is a great way to give the top end of your cheekbones shine and your whole complexion a luminous glow. Normally, highlighter (in the form of drops, powder or a stick) is used after you’ve applied foundation and concealer. But pre-highlighting is the opposite: you add highlighter to your face before applying foundation and concealer. The whole point of this technique is to give your complexion a natural sheen and to make your skin a lot more radiant.

Water-tint foundation

For those of us who are into skincare, we know the importance of hydrating coverage. Lo and behold, water-tint foundation is the perfect solution. Containing ingredients that revitalize and boost your complexion and provide sheer and dewy coverage is what we’re here for.

Side-swept wavy textured hair

Side-swept wavy textured hair is one of the hottest hair trends for this year. Whether you’re getting ready for special occasions, need a hairstyle for an elegant evening look, going out for a casual day out or just going to work day-to-day, side-swept hair is chic, fabulous and the perfect hairstyle to complement your whole look.

Green beauty

As many consumers become aware of the environment and climate change, we’ve also become a lot more conscious in our actions, what we buy and what we do. We’re all too aware of what we put into our bodies and what we put on our skin. Green beauty – which refers to natural, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable beauty – has become a massive topic in the beauty industry. Thankfully it’s not just a buzzword, it’s a topic that set to see an increase in attention in 2020.

Skincare minimalism

With the number of skincare products available, created to solve skincare problems and give your skin a boost, it’s easy to think that we need a massive variety in our collection. However, this is not necessarily the case. When it comes to skincare, it’s important to remember to use what’s effective for you. After all, why use 10 products when you can use five? Plus, with the rise of multi-purpose products, you can sure to reduce the number of products on the self. Keep it simple: less is more and it’s best to choose quality over quantity.

Continued focus on wellness

Beauty is not just about looking good. It’s also about feeling good and enhancing the beauty on the outside and within. Many beauty brands have a focus on wellbeing and enhancing your mind, body and soul, and this is something that will continue this year and beyond.

What are your favourite beauty trends for this year?

Chichi Ogwe

Chichi is a copywriter and beauty blogger. She writes content for a number of online magazines and publications and her blog features posts on makeup selections, beauty trends, lifestyle, fashion and opinion pieces. Blog: https://www.chichiwritesbeauty.co.uk/

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